Resumes And Letters


A resume is a marketing tool used to introduce and highlight your qualifications to employers.   The purpose of the resume is not to land the job, rather, it is to help you obtain a job interview.  Your resume needs to be:

  • Attractive and easily scanned by the eye
  • Error Free
  • Targeted to the position to which you are applying
  • Accurate: Misrepresenting yourself may lead to losing an offer or job

The most effective resumes are tailored to specific employers and positions.  Be prepared to have three or four resumes targeted to specific types of positions and organizations.  For more information on resumes and job search letters, view our Resume Writing Guide and the following videos.

Resume Tips


References are people who can speak to your ability to do the work required for the position and who can also speak about your work ethic, technical/theoretical knowledge base and your ability to grow beyond the position for which you are currently applying.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are an essential part of your job search.  When applying for position via mail, email, or an employer's job site, it is important that you include a cover letter.  This document needs to be targeted to the position to which you are applying for and highlights your experiences as they relate to the position. Remember, you don't repeat what you already stated on your resume.