Steps For The Internship Process

Where do I start?



For an OVERVIEW, click on the above "steps for internship process".  Otherwise, we provide all the necessary details for you below in the seven steps to securing an internship for academic credits.

Step 1
Complete the Request for Internship

Print the request for internship form. It provides an overview of the credit-bearing internship process, what tools and resources are available to undergraduate students seeking internships and what some of the general requirements are when you secure an internship for credit.  Note: If you already found an internship on your own, and would like to earn credits, you are still required to complete the request for internship form.  Make sure your department internship coordinator approves the company where you will intern and the internship job description.  Please note  the internship may not be in an in-home business or virtual; Experiential Learning and Career Management  (ELCM) must be notified if it is an out-of-state internship and ELCM & International Programs and Services must be notified if it is an international internship.  International Programs and Services has information sessions each semester that you must attend to gather all the necessary information and paperwork for an international internship.

Step 2
Receive Departmental Approval

Complete the Request for Internship form and have your department’s Faculty Internship Coordinator sign it.  Remember, your department’s internship coordinator needs to approve the internship job description if you found it on your own.  Have a conversation with your coordinator about how it fits into your academic program.  Print your degree audit showing you have the required major & overall G.P.As.   Return the form to ELCM in the Bedford House. You will receive more information, including how to use our internship database, Career Connection.  Once you have completed Steps 1-2, please turn in ALL forms and continue to step 3.  

If you found an internship on your own, the employer must email the following information to employer name, address, phone number web site; supervisor name, email and their phone number, internship title and description, hours interning and if it is paid and how much.   The internship site must be at a brick and mortar location (internship cannot be conducted out of an in-home business or virtually).  Then follow step 7 to complete the credit-bearing internship process if you found an internship on your own and accepted the position and your department approved it.

Step 3
Update Your Profile in Career Connection and Upload Your Résumé

Follow the prompts to update profile for Career Connection.  Refer to the ELCM Resume Writing Guide to create your internship résumé which follows national standards for proper formatting. Once your profile is updated and you uploaded your resume to Career Connection, you may begin Step 4.

Step 4
Finding a Credit-Bearing Internship

Using targeted search tools in Career Connection, select search internship under applicant type or search by major.  Select internships by “starring” jobs which will be saved under “hot list” so you can apply to them later. You may apply directly to those internships through Career Connection. Other resources you may use are employment search tools such as or or search for internships directly through employer web sites.  Look for their careers or employment tabs or links.  Want some guidance and advice navigating your internship search, schedule an appointment with an ELCM staff member. Our employers’ rate very highly among our students: 93% of our student interns from this past semester would recommend their employer to other students.

Step 5

Employers contact YOU directly to schedule an interview.  They may do a phone and/or face-to-face interview.

Step 6
Follow-Up with Employers

You are strongly encouraged to follow up with employers to inquire about the status of your résumé.  Email employers through Career Connection within a couple weeks of applying to the internships.

Step 7
Accept the Position

Once you accepted the position, use Career Connection to report your internship assignment.  If you found the internship on your own please provide company name and address, the internship job description, name of your internship site supervisor along with their contact information, hours interning, if it is paid and how much. It must be approved by your department internship coordinator before it’s registered for credit. All students must complete the face-to-face registration session to earn credits for the experience, even if you found the internship on your own.  Contact ELCM to sign up for a 30-minute registration session.


Step 7 is an important step, as this is how you register for internship credits.  Please understand you must pay tuition for the credit-bearing internship as you would for any other credit-bearing course (including summer internships)   Millersville University considers the internship a course like any other. Therefore, you are required to pay tuition for enrolled credits.  At the university level, significant resources are devoted to credit-bearing internships. ELCM, the department internship coordinators, faculty supervisors and other University personnel are involved in student credit-bearing internships from beginning to end. ELCM and the department internship coordinators advise students, evaluate internships, develop internship opportunities and information, review internship agreements, check pre-requisites and register students for the course. In addition, ELCM and the coordinators maintain contact with students and supervisors through e-mail, telephone, written reports and evaluations. When the semester comes to a close, ELCM and the coordinators review all materials submitted by students and supervisors, conduct meetings as needed and assign grades.  Each semester, students confirm their credit-bearing internship was an essential part of their education.  You may read what other students have told us by visiting the student testimonials page:

Already completed a credit-bearing internship and want to continue it for credit for another semester? ~You MUST provide ELCM & your departmental internship coordinator an updated job description showing increased responsibilities and/or different duties.  Then, sign up for a 30-minute registration session in the Bedford House so you receive academic credit for the second internship experience.