Workforce Traineeships (non-credit)

What is the non-credit Workforce Traineeship Program?

Collaboration between the business sector and higher education is vital for effective economic development and workforce development.  To that end, Millersville University and SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon have launched a program to help students develop career-readiness competencies, build work experience, and strengthen internship (for credit) and workforce traineeship (non-credit) programs.  

Through the Workforce Trainee Program, Millersville University students serve as non-credit trainees during a summer, fall or spring term, at select business and non-profit organization host sites in Lancaster County. 

Student trainees apply to the program and to employer-hosted jobs and projects for which they are well-suited because of personal, professional and academic preparation and a deeper appreciation of the employer's company culture.  Prior to and during the traineeship, student trainees also participate in professional skill development training addressing requisite career readiness competencies, as defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Student trainees will be paid to serve a minimum of 120 hours (8-10 hours a week) through one academic term (fall, spring, or summer) and to complete a Professional Skills Training Program. 

Students benefit from:

    • Workplace experience via projects aligned with student abilities and fit with organizational culture;

    • Mentoring from SCORE-Lancaster Lebanon volunteers;

    • Training in “soft” skills (career readiness competencies) necessary for workplace success (e.g., problem solving, communication, teamwork, technology application, leadership, and professionalism).