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Business and Education Building the Future Together

Millersville University and SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon, have launched a program to strengthen internship (for credit) and workforce traineeship (non‐credit) programs.

The primary features of this program are:

Millersville University will engage undergraduate student trainees in a self‐discovery process to better identify their strengths and values. This will enable trainees to make more discriminating career choices that align more effectively with the employer’s culture, as well as refine their career-readiness skills so that they are more effective employees. Trainees will work on a specific project for a business over the course of a semester. The business provides a capable, engaged coach that has the time and motivation to work with the trainee and help MU and SCORE enhance this program.

Mentors from SCORE will work with businesses to explicitly define and document their organizational culture so they can be clear about the values and attributes that enable employees to thrive in their environment. SCORE will also work with the business to define and document the internship/traineeship, interviewing and onboarding processes, as required.

The objectives of this program are:

  • Better matching of interns, trainees and new graduate hires to businesses
  • Leaving businesses with better internship, recruiting, interviewing and onboarding processes
  • Creating a more robust feedback loop between Business and Higher Education that will allow both to anticipate future needs

The success of this initiative is dependent on highly engaged businesses. The participating coaches are a vital component in this initiative. It is mandatory that the business commit the talent and time to create a meaningful traineeship experience and help MU and SCORE assess this initiative and recommend improvements.

Benefits for Employers
SCORE will provide an experienced mentor and training to all participating businesses. This training will focus on the following areas:

  • Organizational culture definition and documentation
  • Recruiting for cultural fit
  • Documented internship/traineeship process and program
  • Interviewing process and skills
  • Selection process
  • Coaching role and feedback process
  • Onboarding/Orientation

While this initiative is focused on trainees, this initiative expects this training will be applicable to the hiring of all future internship and new graduates. 

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