Student Timeline

Summer 2019 Timeline

Summer 2019

February 1 –  Program Application released for Spring Traineeships

April 30 – Deadline for Program Applications and Resume submissions

April 30-May 10 – Candidates participate in Traineeship Orientation Sessions (1hr)

May 6-10 – Candidates complete online assessment tool (Clifton StrengthsFinder) to identify strengths

May 13-17 Eligible Traineeship Candidates begin to view available employers and traineeship positions in Career Connection

May 13-31 – Candidates submit resumes and cover letters to employers for specific traineeship positions via Career Connection

May 20-31  – Employers hosting traineeship positions contact candidates, conduct interviews, and select their Trainees

May 30– Pre-service Orientation for Trainees (common hour)

June 3-7 – Trainees begin their traineeship at employer sites