Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break

An Alternative Spring Break (ASB) gives students the opportunity to serve others, develop communication skills, solve problems in real-world settings, and work as members of a team to impact lives.  The ASB team travels during spring break to engage in community service and learn about social issues. During Millersville’s scheduled Spring Break, students will have the opportunity to dedicate their week to service and engaging with the community. ELCM creates various partnerships with different hosts and organizations that will plan a week of service, learning, and fun for our students.

Students will complete an application and return it on the designated due date. The trip coordinator will schedule a brief interview with the student to discuss more details and get to build relationships. The student will find out in the beginning of November which trip they are serving. The students will get connected with their groups and start the Prep 4 Break program, focusing on team building, education, and diversity training.

Students will submit their application, signed waiver, insurance card, emergency contact and a $25 deposit.

It is important to ELCM that all students will have equal opportunities to serve and participate in the ASB program. The cost of each trip will vary. However, it is expected that each student participates in fundraising. Each student will send letters to family, friends or businesses requesting them to sponsor their trip with our “Adopt-a-Breaker” letters.  Each trip is also required to organize two additional fundraisers before departure. All funds raised will cover the cost of lodging, transportation, meals, and the free day.

2018 ASB Trip - Black Mountain, NC

Students traveled to the Appalachian mountain area to stay and work with the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly team. Students worked with various community partners, including transitional living facilities, Veterans Restoration Quarters and Steadfast House, as well as Black Mountain Children's Home, a group home for children in the foster care system. The YMCA service projects focused on different topics such as poverty, homelessness, and veteran services.  


2016 ASB Trips - Bithlo, FL and Stevens, PA

ELCM and Civic and Community Engagement sponsored an alternative spring break trip to Bithlo, Florida.  Bithlo is an under-resourced area near Orlando that defaulted on loans, lost its status as a city and fell under the control of the Orange County Government.  As an unincorporated area, it has seen decades of neglect, resulting in polluted water, accumulation of junkyards, lack of resources and dilapidated buildings. This community has been taken under the care of United Global Outreach. This nonprofit organization has created a "Transformation Village" in the heart of the Bithlo community, bringing to light issues and working toward sustainable changes.  For the second consecutive year, Millersville students participated in a multi-school collaboration with the University of Central Florida to serve Bithlo by completing a variety of service projects.

ELCM and Civic and Community Engagement also sponsored a local alternative spring break trip option. The student service team were be based in Stevens, PA and traveled to sites in Lancaster County to complete service projects over a three-day period.  The students served two local community organizations, Global Aid Network (GAIN) and Hempfield School District.