M.Ed. in Special Education (Plus Certifications)

Our mission is to prepare educators to facilitate an empowered and unified P-12 learning community to be successful in the world of people through respect, collaboration, mutuality and the realization of each individual gift.

m.ed. in special education:

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Requirements FOR THE PROGRAM

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • If undergraduate cumulative GPS is 3.0, no GRE scores are required.
  • Below a 3.0 cumulative GPA, GRE scores of 150 on verbal and quantitative components and a 29 minimum score on analytical writing required.
  • Instructional I teaching certificate (will not receive a special education teaching certification in this master's program).
  • 3 years of teaching experience preferred.
  • Currently teaching students with exceptionalities preferred.

 Required Courses (36 credits)

I.    Knowledge Core Requirement (12 credits)
       EDFN 601: Methods of Research (3)
       EDFN 545: Advanced Educational Psychology (3)

      Choose One:
EDFN 511: Comparative Education (3)
        EDFN 590: Social Foundations of Education (3)
        EDFN 603: Philosophy of Education (3)
        EDFN 604: Education and Public Policy (3)

       Choose One:
 PSYC 525: Advanced Developmental Psychology (3)
        PSYC 526: Advanced Adolescent Psychology (3)
        PSYC 625: Human Growth and Development (3)

II.   Professional Core Requirements (15 credits)
       SPED 651: Advocacy & Leadership (3)
       SPED 652: Issues in Diversity (3)
       SPED 653: Consultation & Collaboration (3)
       SPED 654: Advanced Pedagogy (3)
       SPED 689: Research Seminar (3)

 III. Specialization Area (6 credits)
       Other combinations may be approved through consultation of advisor

       EDTE 591 & 592:   Education and Technology
       EDUC 561 & 562:   English Language Learners (ELL)
       GFED 670 & 676:   Gifted Education
       RDED 622 & 623:   Reading & Literacy
       SOWK 602 & 611:  Educational Aspects of Social Work

 IV. Comprehensive Exam

  • May be taken once all professional core courses are completed.
  • Must be successfully completed prior to enrolling in SPED 695 Capstone Experience for the Accomplished Special Education Teacher.

V.  Capstone Experience for the Accomplished Special Education Teacher - SPED 695 (3 credits)

  • All knowledge core courses and comprehensive exam must be successfully completed prior to enrollment (up to 6 credits of courses from the remainder of the program may be taken concurrently).
  • Graduate candidates unable to complete the objectives of the courses over the span of a semester man re-enroll for an additional 1 credit per semester for a maximum of 2 additional semesters.

Post-Baccalaureate PreK-12 Certification

A comprehensive (PreK-12) post-baccalaureate certification program with requirements of 39 credits or less is offered, depending on the student’s previous experience. Teaching certification is not required for admission. All students will have 6 credits of supervised field experience regardless of teaching certification. 

Students with an undergraduate GPA below 3.0 will be offered provisional admission to the Post-Baccalaureate Certification Program. The Teacher Certification Acess Track (TCAT) requirements must be completed before taking additional courses at Millersville University. TCAT admission requires completing four post-baccalaurete courses with a 3.0 or higher in each course. 

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Required Courses (30-39 credits)

I.    Foundations (6 credits)
       EDFN 545: Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
       SPED 600: Introduction to Exceptional Education (3)

II.  Subject Matter & Pedagogies (9-18 credits)
       SPED 618: Early Intervention (3)
       SPED 642: Teaching Mild and Moderate Disabilities (3)
       SPED 671: Behavior Management (3) 
     *EDUC 651: Math in the School Program (3)

    Choose One:
      *RDED 622: Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (3)
      *RDED 620: Current Practices in Literacy Education (3)    

    Choose One:
      *EDUC 643: Curriculum Treands in Social Studies (3)
      *EDUC 661: Science in the School Program (3)

   *These courses are waived for students with a current Pennsylvania teaching certification.

 III. Planning & Assessment (6 credits)
       SPED 667: Individualized Educational and Transitional Planning (3)
       SPED 680: Diagnostic Strategies and Criteria (3)

 IV. English Language & Diverse Learners (3 credits)
       EDUC 580: Methods for Teaching English Language Learners

V.  Supervised Field Experience (6 credits)
    Choose One:
       EDSP 561: Post-Bacc Student Teaching (6)
       SPED 690: Clinical Practicum (6)

Note: EDSP 561 is for students without a teaching certification. If you have a current Pennsylvania teaching certification, please take SPED 690 instead.

Post-Master’s Supervisory Certification

A post-master’s certification program for supervision of special education programs is offered. This program consists of four courses (12 s.h.) plus a 3 s.h. practicum experience in special education supervision.

 To view the curriculum sheet, click here.


 Must apply to take SPED 799 one semester ahead of time     
     EDSU 700 Functions of Supervision (3)
     EDSU 701 Administrative Aspects of Supervision (3)
     EDSU 703 Curriculum and Supervision (3)
     SPED 681 Administration and Supervision of Special Education Programs (3)
     SPED 799 Applied Supervision: Special Education (3)


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