High School Summer Language Camps


Please note, high school summer camps are not for college credit.

World Language camps in French, German and Spanish are taught by certified high school teachers on the Millersville University campus using the facilities and the resources of the World Languages program. French and Spanish camp participants must have had two years of the language and be between the ages of 15 - 18 years old. German camp participants, between the ages of 15 - 18, must have some basic knowledge of the German language. 

Participants are required to use the target language at all official camp functions and activities. Participants attend classes in language and culture in the mornings, where they learn grammar, have the opportunity to practice conversation and see films and videos. The afternoon activities include: games, sports, computer training with foreign language software, songs, theater skits, poetry readings, cooking ethnic foods and excursions to places of historical interest or ethnic restaurants in Lancaster County and the surrounding area.

In the evenings, there are activities e.g. dancing, singing, more skits and, at the end of the week, a talent show, costume party, or DJ'ed Dance. Students are encouraged to bring musical instruments and participate actively in musical events. Feedback has been quite positive, with many participants indicating that they had learned a great deal during the week.

Students are housed in double rooms in a residence hall near the Student Memorial Center. Instructors are housed on the same floor as camp participants and are always available for consultation, informal discussion or advice. Meals are taken in Gordinier Dining Hall where camp participants sit together at reserved tables and converse informally in the language of the camp. Participants have access to the Millersville University Student Memorial Center which has game rooms, a TV lounge and a snack bar. Millersville Borough is a community of less than 10,000 which is mostly residential. It has a small park, a few shops and restaurants and a swimming pool.

Strict adherence to the camp regulations is required. Students are restricted to the Millersville campus and are required to observe the housing rules and regulations. Willful violations of the rules are grounds for dismissal from the camp.

For more information contact:
Dr. Christine Gaudry
Director, Summer Language Camps
Department of English & World Languages
Millersville University
Millersville, PA 17551

Phone: (717) 871-7156
Email: languages@millersville.edu