First Year Experience


Higher education is an investment of both your time and money.  The First Year Experience (FYE) at Millersville University helps first-year students transition from high school to University life.  The cornerstone of the FYE program is the UNIV 103 First Year Inquiry Seminar.  This seminar provides a home base for students, delivering a quality education that helps students build a foundation of life skills.

First-year students select a seminar of interest to them.  In the classroom, students engage in critical thinking, research, and writing to exchange ideas and learn from one another.  The FYE program extends beyond the classroom, and includes peer mentors and faculty advisors, who serve in an informal and formal capacity.  Students receive the guidance and support needed to lay a foundation for the future.  The quintessential questions of "What do I want to do?" and "Who am I" are addressed side-by-side with life and learning skills, such as critical thinking, time management, leadership, study, research, and writing.  Faculty and students work together to develop a meaningful course track that uniquely prepares each student for life, not only their first job but their last job as well.


It's well known that employers are looking for individuals who can creatively solve problems through critical thinking.  An education at Millersville University prepares students to meet future workforce challenges in a manner that adds value to each student, their parents, and the community from day one.