Instructors as Advisors

Dr. Hill

Advisors are faculty members who help students navigate the many resources available at Millersville University.  Each student has one formal advisor and may have several informal advisors.

A formal advisor is a faculty member assigned by the University to help students address their particular academic needs.  The formal advisor works in collaboration with each advisee.  At the college level, students have a shared responsibility for their education and course map.  Guidance is provided to help each student make informed choices.  A formal advisor listens to student interests and needs, and helps to match their interests and needs with University resources.  A formal advisor also signs-off on any required academic forms such as declaration or change of major. For more information, please see Academic Advisement.  For forms, please see the Student Forms Center.

An informal advisor is a professor or staff member, who is interested in helping a student succeed in class, adjust to campus life, and develop life and learning skills.  In many cases, instructors of First Year Experience seminars serve as the faculty advisor for the students in their FYE course.  Regardless, they will always serve as an informal advisor to the students.   The informal advisor serves as an important link between the classroom, the campus, the community, and student.  Like formal advisors, informal advisors work in collaboration with each student.