Life And Learning Skills

Life and Learning Skills

Life and learning skills are fostered through the classroom and living-learning communities.  Advisors and peer mentors serve as liaisons to connect students with resources and opportunities on campus and in the community for the purpose of enhancing these skills.

In the seminars, about one-fourth of class time is devoted to enhancing critical thinking, note-taking, studying, time management, and writing skills to assist students in developing or enhancing their academic and life skill set.  A number of seminars also allow students to explore quintessential questions through journaling, guided questions, and self-reflection.  Through self-reflection, students are able to better understand their own unique limitations and strengths.

Extracurricular and volunteer activities allow students to enhance or build skills such as leadership, innovation, creativity, organization, team-work, cooperation, and altruism.  These activities also allow students to learn how to recognize opportunities and appropriately seize them.

Below are links to some resources for students.