Joseph Asbury

Joseph Asbury

Full Name: Joseph Asbury

HomeTown: Coplay, PA

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Math

Semester of Graduation: Spring 2018

Why did you join the Honors College?

I took all the honors and AP classes I could in high school, so I wanted to continue that honorable experience in college. I was recommended by many teachers to always look into the honors programs of any colleges I was planning on visiting. Millersville's seemed extremely welcoming and personalized.

How has the Honors College shaped your experience at Millersville University?

The Honors College has first and foremost made me many of my best friends. This is where I met all the people who are closest to me in my life, and I am ever grateful for that. It has also helped me grow and foster relationships with other professors that I normally wouldn't have taken if it weren't for the honors courses they teach.

What was your favorite honors course? Why?

My favorite honors course was History of Ideas. I enjoyed it very much because it caused heated debate, which was quite entertaining and all in good fun. Competing for points sounds stressful, but everybody always did fine in the end.

What was your favorite honors professor? Why?

Naturally, Dr. Maxwell, the professor who taught History of Ideas, is my favorite honors professor, then. He is very calm and collected, and always has some interesting things to say, whether it be a new perspective or a very dry piece of humor.

How many credits do you typically take?

I take an average of 15 or 16 credits in a semester.

What other organizations have you been a part of?

I am a part of the HCSA at MU, not just the Honors College. This means I get involved with activities, service, and fundraisers the Honors College employs.

What leadership roles have you had on campus?

I guess I've never had a true hierarchical leadership position, but I consider myself a mentor to many of the younger students, and hopefully they will agree. This is why I have many friends in lower grade levels: I try to be friendly to everyone and give them advice to know that they are accepted. I also kind of run a group that polices a certain social media to keep it clean from bullying and the like… but that's another story for another time.

What was your favorite Honors College event? Why?

Good old New York is my favorite Honors College event. Who doesn't just want to go exploring for a day? I don't live in a very big city, and Millersville certainly isn't one either, so New York provides a great opportunity. Plus, the shows that we get to see are awesome. Oh, and the real NY pizza, too.

What community service events have you completed while in the honors college? 

I have participated in many community service events, often more than I need to. I have done the Day of Caring, Into the Streets, food drive work, soup kitchen work (once during my freshman year), Sugar Bowl delivery fundraisers (those can get ridiculously fun), set up and tear down of HCSA events, and more.

What does your typical day look like?

It really depends on my semester. Most of the time, it consists of breakfast very early in the morning, class still early in the morning, lunch, video games, dinner (usually with a giant group of people—man, I love the Honors College community), and homework crunch time. Yes, I did say class only once, because I try to make all of my classes early so that I have a lot of free time in the evening. Throw in a lab there every other day because I'm a computer science major, and you get my schedule.

What advice would you give to incoming Freshman?

Ask the older people questions. It makes us feel important, and we might be able to help you. Or even befriend you. Also, don't stress over History of Ideas. Looking back, everyone asserts that it actually wasn't too bad. Live in the moment.

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