Faculty Who Can Represent the University Honors College on a Student's Thesis Committee

Thesis Committee

Below is a list of Millersville University faculty who have experience with the Honors College by both serving on the MUHC Faculty Curriculum Committee as well as assisting students with the thesis process. As part of your Honors College thesis, it is required to create a committee consisting of your thesis advisor and two additional professors.  One of the three professors should be selected from the list below. The job of your committee is to assist you throughout the thesis process, read and review your thesis, and ask questions during your defense. These are the people who decide whether your thesis passes or needs revisions. While selecting your committee, it is beneficial to focus on professors who can help you create the best possible version of your thesis (and even possibly present it at a conference or publish it).  Again, please choose at least one professor (either in your department or outside your department) from this list.  One other note regarding your thesis committee: you are NOT required to choose a faculty member outside of your department.  Rather, a faculty member outside your department is optional.

College of Business



Please note:  

If a student is not able to secure one of the above faculty members to serve on the thesis committee, please meet with Dr. Thyrum to discuss an alternate arrangement for the committee membership.