Reighard Hall

Reighard Hall originally served as the town’s only hotel.  Located on campus, the hotel served families and conferences for a close stay to their loved ones or events.  Today, it lives on as a hotel-style experience for our summer guests housing approximately 120 people.  This hall features self-service laundry and additional amenities not available in the other lodging sites.

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Note, some images in the tours may depict student residence life and may not accurately reflect the summer conference guest experience. Images are meant to provide you with a visual representation of the overall housing experience). 

  • Style: C-Suite (Two Beds, One Bathroom)
  • Amenities: Air-Conditioned, Smoke-Free, Study Lounge, and Laundry
  • Safety/Accessibility: Conference Card Required for Building Card-Swipe Access, ADA Accessibility, Elevators, and Fire Suppression System

Reighard Suite

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