Hall Tour - Shenks Hall

Information on Shenks Hall

  • Coed
  • Carpeted
  • Air-conditioned
  • Capacity 202 Students


Room, Window, and Bed Dimensions

Room Type Window WXL Closet Size Bedroom Size Bed Size
A suite 46"x56" 4'x2' 8'x13'6" 80" long twin
B suite single 46"x56" 4'x2' 8'x13'6" 80" long twin
B suite double 46"x56" 4'x2' 10'x23' 54"x75" full double
C suite 46"x56" 3'10"x2' 17'-9"x12' 80" long twin

80" long twin beds can be raised up to 32".  54"x75" full double beds are raised to 6".  

Additional Information

- There are no overhead lights in the rooms.  Students will want to bring a lamp for their room

- The bathrooms are provided with shower curtains.  Students may choose to bring their own, but are responsible for keeping the original shower curtain in their suite.

- Parking permites are free, but there are a limited amount to be given out.  To apply for a pass, please visit the following link: Shenks Parking Application 2019-2020

Room Types

A Suite

B Suite

C Suite

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