Gender Inclusive Housing


The Housing and Residential Programs Office is committed to designing and maintaining a supportive community environment that enhances the academic, personal and social development of our residential students. At Millersville University, we hold that an inclusive community is a core value that is an essential part of the foundation for our community.  Gender-inclusive housing furthers the University's non-discrimination policy and provides a housing option that may appeal to students who:

  • Identify as transgender,
  • May be more comfortable living with another sex or gender, or
  • Do not wish to prescribe to gender classifications.

How to Apply

To complete the application, please use this link:

Parental/Guardian Consent form (for students under 18 years old)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gender-inclusive housing?

The gender-inclusive housing option simply allows suitemates/roommates of any gender combination (single-gender or mixed-gender) to live within the same residential suite.  In other words, gender-Inclusive housing allows students to share a multiple-occupancy room, or suite regardless of the students’ sex or gender. 

New Students requesting Gender-inclusive housing are assigned to a common cluster.  All students have a private bedroom and share a bathroom with one other suitemate.  Returning students may request a housing assignment within the gender-inclusive living cluster as well as throughout our residential community. 

Why offer gender-inclusive housing?

Millersville has developed this option to help create an environment that acknowledges, appreciates and respects the diverse nature of the Millersville student body, while giving students more flexibility in finding a roommate with whom they are truly compatible. This housing choice provides increased housing options for students for who traditional, same-sex room assignments, are not ideal or appropriate.  Additionally, this provides an option for those who feel they would be more compatible with a roommate of a different gender or may feel uncomfortable residing with individuals with the same gender. 

Can I request my suitemate/roommate?

Yes, when you have identified a potential suitemate/roommate, you must both request and complete the Gender Inclusive Housing application. It is important to note that all suitemate requests must be mutual. While none of our housing options are intended for intimate relationships, we respect and honor the privacy of our students.  We encourage students to make mature decisions about their living arrangements and make roommate choices that will help them experience a successful academic year.

How will suitemate matching be done if I am not requesting my own suitemate/roommate?

All Students requesting a Gender-inclusive housing assignment will provide information on the supplemental application regarding roommate preferences.  No personal identifiers are required to be shared.  Students are given the option to share information they feel most comfortable disclosing.  We will base best suitemate/roommate matching options on the information provided.

When will I find out who my suitemate/roommate is?

All Housing assignments will be available mid July.  Students will be notified via email and can be accessed in your "MyHousing" account to see your assignment.

What if a student chooses to live with someone in a gender-inclusive arrangement and becomes uncomfortable with the situation?

As with any suitemate or housing issue, students should contact the housing staff members in their residence hall.  Anyone who wishes to make a room change must make an appointment to meet with the Graduate Assistant or Residence Hall Director of the residence hall.

What if my parents don't want me to live in a gender-inclusive housing space?  Will they be notified if I select this option?

Returning students, 18 years of age and older, may make decisions about their housing assignment without parental consent.  We encourage students to maintain an open dialogue with their families this promotes family support of a student’s housing decision.  Students under 18 should discuss housing plans with their families, as they must provide parental consent for a gender-inclusive option.

How will vacancies be managed?

If a suitemate/roommate cancels their housing or moves out of the room for any reason, the remaining suitemate may elect to pull in any new roommate who agrees to live in a gender-inclusive suite.  If a suitemate cannot be identified, housing may consolidate residents into other gender-inclusive housing suites.  Housing reserves the right to fill any remaining vacancies.  Note, students will not be assigned to gender-inclusive housing suites without their consent.

What other institutions offer a gender-inclusive housing option?

Millersville University is proud to join a community of more than 160 colleges and universities who provide gender-inclusive housing.  To see other colleges and universities offering gender-inclusive housing, please visit    

Want to know more about gender identity and expression?

If you have questions regarding gender-identity, gender-expression, gender non-conforming or transgender student support, feel free to visit the LGBTQIA Campus and Community Resources webpage at