Program Description

Employee Wellness

The Millersville University Wellness Program has been designed to educate, encourage, and inspire the faculty and staff to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing information and resources to promote better overall health and wellness.

Team Members

  • Sara Burcin, SMC Fitness Center
  • Amanda Flurry, Office of Student Accounts
  • Sylvia Lepore, Human Resources
  • Julie Lombardi, Wellness and Sport Sciences
  • Izzy Mailen, SMC Manager
  • Sherry Mull, Academic & Student Development
  • Joanne Ocasio, Health Services
  • Jean Ressler, Purchasing
  • Amanda Rosbach, Senior Undergraduate Volunteer Intern
  • Chip Schaeffer, Wellness and Sport Sciences
  • Chris Steuer, Sustainability
  • Kristin Thomson, Office of International Programs and Services
  • Allison Yarrow, Campus Recreation