Breidenstine Hall Studios


The ceramics studio includes:

  • 20 potters wheels
  • 1 slab roller
  • 1 extruder
  • 1 hydraulic extruder
  • 2 clay mixers
  • 1 spray booth
  • 1 electric test kiln
  • 6 electric kilns
  • 2 gas car kilns
  • 1 gas soda kiln

The Ceramics studio also includes a separate clay mixing and glazing room, a separate glaze mixing room, a separate electric kiln room, a separate gas kiln room, a separate damp room, and a small plaster working area/advanced studio.


The drawing studio has skylights with northern light exposure. Along with two modeling stands the room is equipped with 28 drawing benches and 12 adjustable easels. The storage cabinets and closets house a range of still life materials, individual mirrors (for in class self portraiture), and an anatomy skeleton.

Fine Arts Metals

The studio facilities are equipped for fabricating, raising, enameling, casting, electroforming, spray-etching, and aluminum anodizing. Additional equipment includes three centrifugal casting machines, a 30-ton hydraulic press, three rolling machines, large and small drill presses, a vacuum casting and investing machine, a gas kiln, and a finishing area.

There are 20 individual jewelers’ benches (each fully equipped with hand tools and a flexible shaft machine with accessories), polishing machines, metal spinning lathe, metal-forming stakes and hammers, combination lapidary machines, 18-inch slab saw, belt sander, power drills, vibrating tumblers, flat-lat vibrator, faceting machine, burn-out kilns, annealing kiln, electric-heat centrifugal casting machine, torch-heated centrifugal casting machines, vacuum investing-casting machine, acetylene soldering and melting equipment, steam cleaner, hydrosonic cleaner, and various auxiliary items. Provided materials include, but are not limited to: jewelers’ saw blades, solder, flux, brushes, investment, polishing and grinding wheels and cones, carving wax, wax wire, and polishing compounds.

Graphic/Interactive Design Studio and Computer Lab

25 Apple Desktop computers

  • Mac OS X 10.6.3
  • Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
  • RAM: 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
  • Storage: 1 TB
  • Adobe Creative Suite software


The 1700 square foot painting studio is equipped with 30 sturdy metal easels, 6 wooden easels, and 26 taborets that are move to accommodate the changing needs of class projects. The room has skylights with northern light exposure, 6 light stands with reflectors, and 2 clip light reflectors. An adjacent room offers storage for painting and related supplies, and also has working stations for preparation of art material, matting, framing, 2 Logan mat cutters, and a small spray booth. There is a metal storage cabinet for solvents, and a 55 gallon drum with fire safety lid for used rag storage. Included in the studio are: various props for still life, 4.5’ x 8’ model stand, vertical and horizontal storage racks.


The photography facility houses both digital and darkroom production equipment. The digital space is equipped with 20 Macintosh computers and Photoshop software. The darkroom is equipped with 22 enlargers that print from 35mm through 4 x 5 inch negatives. Color prints are processed in a 20-inch Kreonite color print processor. The photography facility houses a small darkroom for non-silver and other alternative processes. Other equipment includes digital SLR cameras, medium and large format film cameras, film dryers, archival film & print washers, light tables, dry-mounting equipment, and a mat cutter. The photography studio has a separate classroom for lectures, multi-media presentations and critiques. This large classroom doubles as a studio space; it is equipped with studio lighting and professional backdrops.


The printmaking studio is outfitted to instruct the four major fine art printmaking processes of relief, intaglio, lithography and silkscreen. The facility has seven presses: two lithography presses including a Takach (bed size 40”x 72”) and a Griffin (bed size 32”x 88”), two Brand etching presses (bed sizes 30”x 50” and 20”x 40”), two silkscreen presses (bed size 44’x 64”and 36”x48”), and a Vandercook proofing press. In the darkroom there is a self-contained Amergraph screen exposure unit and a scoop coating area with drying cabinets. There is a separate ventilated room for etching that includes a plumbed eye station and shower. Another room houses a power washer and backlit spray-out sink is used for screen printing and a ventilated spray booth. The facility has a large library of lithographic limestones the largest of which is 30”x 40”.


The sculpture studio encompass a complete bronze-casting foundry capable of pouring in excess of 300 lbs. of molten metal. The foundry area has an overhead hoist and is set up to utilize ceramic shell casting. The facility is equipped with a burnout kiln, a shell room, a blast cabinet, pneumatic grinders & finishers, and a floor mounted polisher. The welding equipment includes: gas welders, TIG and MIG welders. Outside of the studio is an iron forge. For cold forming of metal there is a box and pan break, 4’ shear, 4’ power slip roll, and a small 30” slip roll. We have the usual complement of wood working power tools: table and band saws, drill press, floor disc sander, wood turning lathe.

Three-Dimensional Design

The three-dimensional design studio has two band saws, two portable dust collectors, a drill press, and a variety of hand tools. In addition, three large tables easily provided ample workspace for the students enrolled in each class.

Two-Dimensional Design

The classroom has 26 drafting tables with tilting tabletops, adjustable cushioned chairs, a mounted digital projector, and plenty of clean, unobstructed wall space to easily accommodate critiques.