African American Studies Minor

African American Studies Minor

At Millersville University cultural diversity and diversity in thought are essential elements of our providing an educational opportunity that is second to none.  The African American Studies Minor program offers students the opportunity to be introspective.  It educates students about the history and culture of African Americans by exposing them to issues, theories and research concerning African Americans.  Issues about African American culture are brought to life in the classroom through faculty-student and student-student collaboration.  In the 21st Century it is both essential and beneficial for all students to have a multicultural perspective of themselves and the world around them.  An African American Studies minor will present opportunities to examine, compare and contrast African American perspectives and those of other American cultures.

The African American Studies minor is an 18 credit interdisciplinary program which focuses on the history and social-cultural aspects of African Americans.  Courses in the minor emphasize African American perspectives as well as the development of critical thinking and written and oral communication skills within the discipline and across other disciplines.  The minor complements many majors and 15 of the 18 credits satisfy General Education requirements.

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