Latino Studies Minor

Latino Studies Minor

The purpose of the Latino/a Studies Minor is to teach undergraduate students about Latino/a experiences, cultures, and contributions to the United States. The Latino/a Studies Minor addresses regional workforce needs and strengthens the commitment to cultural diversity within the University academic community.

Upon completion of the Latino/a Studies Minor, students will demonstrate familiarity with the language, cultures, histories, and socioeconomic experiences of the rapidly growing population in the United States. Students enrolled in the Minor are exposed to issues, theories, and research about U.S. Latinos/as through a variety of disciplines. Students engage in service learning with Latino/a organizations as well as complete an academic research project that prepares them for graduate school.

The Minor is particularly effective when combined with majors that offer a natural organic relationship with the Latino/a population (such as business, education, and the social sciences). Graduates of the Minor will be more valuable and effective employees as they participate in an increasingly diverse workplace.

Contact the Director

Dr. Kimberly Mahaffy
Director, Latino Studies Minor
(717) 871-7481