Student Artifact Repository Project

The Student Artifact Repository Project (StARs Project)

What is the StARs Project?

The Student Artifact Repository Project (StARs) is a voluntary collection of student work that provides opportunities for systematic review of Millersville's general education objectives and general education competencies, also considered University outcomes.

Each semester, courses are randomly identified at the 100, 200, 300, and 400 levels within the general education core curriculum.  Faculty are invited to identify one or more assignments within their course for collection.  Students are then asked to submit an extra copy of their ungraded assignment to the repository.

Once assignments are collected, a random sample is reviewed using the AAC&U Values Rubrics or a locally-established rubric by a trained panel of AOAC members or interested faculty and staff.  Inter-rater reliability is established among the panel.

Pilot Study Assessment Briefs are available for:

  • Critical thinking  (AAC&U Values Rubric)
  • Written communication (AAC&U Values Rubric)
  • Information literacy (AAC&U Values Rubric)
  • Public Speaking (Locally Developed Instrument)

Faculty members are encouraged to review the assessment briefs and provide feedback to members of AOAC.

This assessment initiative is coordinated by the Faculty Senate Academic Outcomes Assessment Committee with support from Planning, Assessment and Analysis and approved by the Millersville University Institutional Review Board.