University Survey Policy

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this survey policy is to provide guidelines covering the administration of surveys to Millersville University students, alumni, faculty, and staff. This policy defines a survey as a broad sampling or census of information from a population of the University.

These surveys include, but are not limited to the following surveys:

  1. Paper surveys administered on-campus, either at one location or multiple locations.
  2. Electronic surveys administered on-campus, either at one location or multiple locations via a desktop PC, laptop PC, and/or other electronic devices.
  3. Electronic surveys administered via email.

This policy applies to University students, faculty, staff, departments, committees, commissions, councils, student organizations, and external individuals or organizations.

Survey Policy

Persons interested in conducting a survey involving Millersville University must submit a request form. The Provost or Provost’s designee (e.g., Assistant Vice-President, Institutional Assessment & Planning) must approve all University surveys. The survey review is a separate process from any survey research project that may be subject to a review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). This review policy focuses on the purposes of a survey and its logistical implications versus the adherence of survey guidelines for human subjects.

This review is not a substitute for an IRB review. For more information on the IRB Guidelines and Protocol, go to the IRB web page.

Planning, Assessment and Analysis is available to assist individuals or groups in developing survey proposals for review and approval.

Please direct any survey requests or questions to Planning, Assessment & Analysis at (717)-871-7871.  Please allow at least seven business days for approval.

Electronic Survey Tool

The official University survey tool is Qualtrics for electronic survey design and administration. The University also uses Qualtrics to prevent over-surveying (survey fatigue). To request a Qualtrics user account, please complete and submit the Qualtrics Account Request Form.  For more information on Qualtrics, including training, please contact Planning, Assessment & Analysis at (717) 871-7871.  Click on Millersville Qualtrics to log in to Qualtrics.