2012-13 Fact Book

Table of Contents

Note: Links will be activated as data becomes available.

Active Programs

Undergraduate Admissions


Graduation Rates and Degrees Awarded

Departmental Credit Hours, FTEs, and Statistics

Academic Year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

The first four department reports are now separate Excel worksheets (tabs) within one Excel workbook (file).  The last two reports are not available in 2012-2013 due to the elimination of the Common Cost Accounting reports System-wide.



Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (SSHE) Enrollments

  • Historical Fall Enrollments by Institution (XLS)
  • Fall Enrollments by Institution, Graph (XLS)
  • Historical Fall Enrollments by FT/PT Status (XLS)
  • Ethnic Composition of Fall Enrollments, Percentage (XLS)
  • Ethnic Composition of Fall Enrollments, Headcount (XLS)