2021-22 Fact Book

Table of Contents

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Active Programs

Undergraduate Admissions

  • First-Time Freshmen and Transfer Fall Admissions (XLS)
  • First-Time Freshmen and New Transfer Fall Enrollment by Department (XLS)
  • New Transfer Students by Institutional Origin (XLS)
  • First-Time Freshman by Status and Admit Type (XLS)
  • County of Origin of New Freshmen (XLS)
  • Mean SAT Scores, ACT Scores and High School Percent Rank of New Freshman by Admission Type (XLS)
  • Mean SAT Scores, ACT Scores and High School Percent Rank of Regularly-Admitted First-time Freshmen by Department (XLS)
  • SAT Taker's Intended College Major, PA and National (XLS)


  • Fall Enrollment Summary (XLS)
  • Fall Department Enrollments by Gender and Race (XLS)
  • Fall Department Five-Year Enrollments by Gender and Ethnicity (XLS)
  • Gender and Ethnic History, Headcount (XLS)
  • Gender and Ethnic History, Percent Composition (XLS)
  • Headcount by Country and Level (XLS)
  • Headcount by Home State and Level (XLS)
  • Headcount and Credit Hours by Level, Status, and Residency (XLS)
  • Undergraduate Headcount by Housing Status (XLS)
  • Fall Enrollment by Primary and Secondary Major (XLS)
  • Fall Undergraduate Enrollment by Minor (XLS)
  • Spring Undergraduate and Graduate Enrollment by Primary Major (XLS)

Graduation and Persistence Rates and Degrees Awarded

  • Graduation and Persistence Rates by Department and Cohort Year (XLS)
  • Graduation and Persistence Rates by Cohort Year and Race/Ethnicity (XLS)
  • Degrees Awarded Annually by Primary and Secondary Major (XLS)

Departmental Program Analysis

  •  See Departmental Analysis Dashboard (Contact Institutional Research for access)
  • Academic Year Departmental Student Credit Hours Generated


  • Tuition and Fees (XLS)


  • Faculty by Status, Tenure, Race, and Gender (XLS)
  • Staff by Classification, Status, Gender, and Race (XLS)
  • Alumni by State (XLS)
  • Employee Complement Headcount & FTE (XLS)
  • Employee Headcount by Division and Status (XLS)
  • Millersville Peer & Aspirational Institutions (contact Institutional Research for access)

Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (SSHE) Enrollments

  • Fall 2020 PASSHE Enrollment Trends (XLS)
  • Official Fall 2020 Headcount Enrollment Trends for PASSHE University (XLS)
  • PASSHE Graduation Rate Trends 
  • PASSHE Retention Rate Trends