Program Review

General Information

As you will see in the linked guidelines, there are four types of program review:

  1. Academic Departments   - Such as Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology, Business Administration, and Biology.
  2. Interdisciplinary Programs - Such as African-American Studies.
  3. Academic-Support and Student-Support Units - Such as the Registrar and Financial Aid Office.
  4. Administrative Units - Such as Police and Budget.

All types of program reviews must comply with the PASSHE Administrative Procedures for BOG Policy 1986-04-A.   Types 1 and 2 must  submit the MSWord® version of the " Self-Study Template." IR provides data as well as the Office of the Chancellor. Types 3 and 4 may use data appropriate for the mission of the unit in the unit data and may be provided data from Institutional Research. 

A program review schedule is below for your reference and planning. We hope you find these documents to be useful resources. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any suggestions for improvement.

Kyle W. Verbosh
Director of Institutional Research 

Program Review Documents

Academic Departments and Interdisciplinary Programs

Academic-Support, Student-Support and Administrative Units

Schedule - Academic Programs and Support Units

Program Review Data Packet Archive

This archive goes back to 2009-2010  

Program Review Data Packet Archive