Funding Your Millersville Education


The following award information is effective for the 2024 – 2025 (Fall 2024, Spring 2025) admissions cycle and is exclusive to undergraduate (bachelor's degree seeking) applicants. Applicants for Spring 2024 should contact for more information.

International First-Year Merit-Based Awards

Qualifying first-time bachelor's degree seeking students who intend to enroll full-time at Millersville University on a non-immigrant visa that allows them to study in the USA are automatically eligible for consideration of merit scholarships. These scholarships are automatically applied upon admission and are based solely on a US 4.0 weighted grade point average (GPA) scale.

  • Marauder Award: 4.0 GPA = $7,000 per year/$3,500 per semester award, renewable for up to 8 major terms ($28,000 max).
  • Voyager Award: 3.80-3.99 GPA for $5,000 per year/$2,500 per semester award, renewable for up to 8 major terms ($20,000 max).
  • Navigator Award: 3.40 -3.79 GPA qualifies for $3,000 per year/$1,500 per semester award, renewable for up to 8 major terms ($12,000 max).

Millersville University Explorer Award 

Qualifying undergraduate full-time degree-seeking international applicants attending Millersville University on a non-immigrant visa will automatically be considered for the $3,000 Explorer Award. This award is renewable for up to a total of 8 major (fall or spring) semesters ($12,000 max) and will be awarded at $1,500 a semester for that duration. Eligible first-year applicants may stack this award with an International First-Year Merit-Based Award and/or other Millersville University-awarded scholarships. 

To maintain the Marauder, Voyager, Navigator, or Explorer Awards students must remain enrolled in ‘full-time’ status and in satisfactory academic standing. 


Scholarship Estimator

Complete this form to be contacted by our team about potential award eligibility. 


Available to admitted Master's degree students: Graduate Assistantships


PA Residency for Non-Immigrant Visa Categories

Applicants to Millersville University holding non-immigrant visa status with continuous residence in Pennsylvania for 12 months prior to registration may be eligible for in-state tuition. Limited visa categories are eligible, please contact for more information.

Working on Campus 
International students enrolled on a visa hosted by Millersville University may work on campus up to 20 hours a week while enrolled in courses with a potential to earn between $1,920 - $9,600 annually depending on position held, hours worked, and shifts assigned. More information about on-campus employment can be found here.    

Installment Payment Plan
Installment payment plans are available (not required) for the fall and spring semesters. They are available for up to 6-months and require a $30 enrollment fee. More information can be found here

Private Loans
Millersville University has provided this link for your convenience in exploring safe options for funding. 

Additional Recommended Resources
Check out this link for other websites to learn for scholarships offers outside of Millersville University.