Policies And Expectations

Immigration – Maintaining Status

Your attendance, participation and success in the ELI classroom is directly related to maintaining your immigration status. Please pay special attention to the following policies, expectations and requirements.

Class Attendance & Participation

It is expected that students show up and actively participate in enrolled classes. Participation is included in the final grade. Students must attend at least 80% of ELI classes to be eligible to pass. There is no distinction between an excused or unexcused absence. Students who fail to meet attendance requirements will automatically fail the course and will be required to repeat that level.

Class attendance is checked daily at the beginning of class. Attendance is reported to the ELI office by each of your instructors on a regular basis. You will receive one warning if you are approaching your limit. It is your responsibility to keep track of your absences.

Missing up to 10 minutes of class time before or during class counts as a tardy. Tardiness will affect your overall participation grade. Students missing more than 10 minutes of class are marked as absent. Instructors may also refuse entry to a student who is habitually tardy or after a test or other graded assignment has begun.

Important Note: Field trips are designed to enhance a student’s English language acquisition. Students are expected to attend all ELI field trips and other co-curricular activities. Failure to attend will count as an absence for the day.

Classroom Conduct

It is important for students to demonstrate appropriate behavior in class. This includes expectations of student interaction and timely completion of work. Behavior in that is disruptive or disrespectful to fellow students or to instructors is not acceptable, and students will be asked to leave. Cellphones must be turned off or set to silent during class.

Textbooks & Supplies

Students are provided with textbooks at the beginning of a semester, and must use this clean, new text, not a book with all the answers. It is expected that students bring textbooks, notebooks and other classroom materials to each class session. Failure to do so will result in low participation grades.


Students will receive a syllabus in each class at the beginning of the semester. This syllabus gives information about how to contact the instructor, the name of the textbook, the goals of the class, the grading system and weighting, and the weekly class schedule.


It is important for students to complete homework assignments as a part of improving their English. Homework must be completed and turned in on time. ELI instructors and tutors are her to assist if you do not understand an assignment. Please ask! Missing homework will result in a lowered final grade.

Student Evaluation & Grading

ELI students are evaluated on a continuous basis through in-class activities, graded assignments, quizzes and tests. Students will also be given a placement level test as they begin studies and then at the end of each course level. Students will receive a mid-term grade and a final grade report at the end of each term. For official transcripts, students must contact the Office of the Registrar for processing.

All students enrolled in ELI courses will be given a grade for each class taken. ELI follows the Millersville University grading scale. The grades you can earn are:

A 93-100% A- 90-92% B+ 87-89% B 83-86%
B- 80-82% C+ 77-79% C 73-76% C- 70-72%
D+ 66-69% D 63-66% D- 60-62% F 0-60%

In order to pass a course, ELI students must earn a B- (80%) or higher. If a student fails to make adequate progress in the program, they will be placed on academic probation. Probation can lead to dismissal from the program, which will result in your I-20 being terminated in SEVIS, affecting legal immigration status.

Academic Probation & Dismissal

Students are placed on probation if they fail to meet expected standards for grades or attendance. Students will receive warnings and probation before dismissal. Students who are dismissed will need either to find admission to another program or university or to return home.

Grade Appeals

Students who believe there is an error on their mid-term or final grade report may submit a Grade Appeal Form to the English Language Institute. This appeal will be reviewed by the appropriate ELI administrators in consultation with the instructor.

Cheating and Plagiarism

Academic integrity rules vary from country to country, so it important for ELI students to understand the academic integrity expectations of Millersville University and the U.S. In some cultural contexts, it is considered honoring a person to use his or her words without giving credit. However, in the U.S. this practice is considered very bad and is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is taking credit for an idea or statement that did not originate in your mind. Students who present someone else’s work, words or ideas, whether it be another student’s or from a publication, as if their own creation, have committed plagiarism.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

ELI students must abide by the same rules as all other students at Millersville University. Failure to do so may result in suspension or expulsion from Millersville University, which will result in your I-20 being revoked, taking you out of legal status on your visa. 

Student Grievances

The ELI staff will work hard to make your experience here a great one. However, if there are any situations or issues that are causing you difficulty, we will be happy to talk with you about them. Students have the opportunity to meet and discuss any concerns or issues with the Director of Global Education. If students have complaints about ELI policies or classroom instruction, other programming or their overall experience, they may file a complaint with Global Education.