An Introduction to Algebra: Being the First Part of a Course of Mathematics (1827)

This book was written for a college student teach him or herself from, receiving any additional assistance when needed. In Great Britain, there were two types of mathematic books: Those that were very thorough on the topics and those that were used to teach beginners. This book was to reflect the way American colleges taught students. As the preface states, this book is to give a student the necessary formulas, but also go beyond the formulas, teaching logic and sound reasoning. It is to teach the student both the practical application of algebra but also give a taste of mathematical studies - pure mathematics. The materials covered in this book would encompass the same material covered in a modern Algebra I and Algebra II book. However, one needs to get through a lot of words to learn the material, unlike books of today with a lot of examples, diagrams, and colors. Handwritten material is found throughout the book, including the front and back covers.