First Principles of the Differential and Integral Calculus, or the Doctrine of Fluxions (1824)

This calculus book was adapted from parts of a French math book, Principes ce Calcul qui servent d'Introduction aux Sciences Physico-Mathématiques of Bézout.  It was translated at Cambridge University as a resource for the students there.  After an introduction, the book is divided basically into two sections: "elements of the differential calculus" and "elements of the integral calculus." It consists almost entirely out of text, though referencing by number illustrations in the back that fold out.  There is also an errata after the table of contents, containing corrections to the following text.  The sections go from principle to principle, with few examples and no practice problems.  This particular book was most likely someone’s personal copy, as throughout the book there are pencil writings in the margin.  Some of the pages have not been fully separated yet.