Atlantic World Studies

Atlantic World Studies BA - MDST Major

The new Atlantic World Studies concentration within the MDST major is specifically designed to provide students with the international, multi-disciplinary training that employers are seeking. To be competitive in diverse fields such as historic preservation, cultural resource management, museum studies, history and archaeology, students must be equipped with a wider variety of training and experience than is typically provided through a single major. Providing international experience and hands-on training in both history and archaeology allows students to rise to the top of these highly competitive fields, and is precisely what this major is designed to accomplish.

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Career Opportunities

Students with both history and archaeology training from Millersville have been highly competitive in the job market, finding employment at national historic sites like St. Mary’s City Maryland, Colonial Williamsburg, and Old Salem in Massachusetts. Others are employed at historic house museums like Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest or James Madison’s Montpelier. The Director of the Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, PA is an MU graduate. Former students are also employed at State or Federal cultural resource agencies like the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Pennsylvania State Archaeology, PennDOT, and the State Historic Preservation Office.

Graduates pursuing the MA or PhD academic career track follow in the footsteps of MU students who have attended Johns Hopkins, Boston University, University of Rochester, William and Mary, IUP, and ivy league schools such as Brown and University of Pennsylvania. The multi-disciplinary approach has been highly successful in helping students succeed in their chosen field.

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Research & Internship Opportunities

Our program has cooperative agreements with both national organizations, such as the National Park Service at Valley Forge and international organizations such as the National Museum of Bermuda. Dozens of students have taken advantage of summer internship and research opportunities overseas, and through the newly formed Atlantic World Center, extensive international archaeological fieldwork and historical research opportunities will be available through Millersville University.

The Millersville University Archaeology Laboratory offers students hands-on training in material culture that is applicable to archaeology and museum work. Our historic artifact study collection includes more than 500,000 artifacts from over 30 archaeological sites ranging from prehistoric through the colonial era, and is available for students to study, analyze, and even do original research with.

Core I: Required HIST Core (15 credits)

  • HIST 283 Colonial Latin America
  • HIST 285 Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade
  • HIST 320 Renaissance and Reformation
  • HIST 352 Provincial and Revolutionary America
  • HIST 401 Cultural Interactions across the Atlantic World

History Electives (3-6 credits)

Choose 1 of the following 5 courses:

  • HIST 206 The World to 1500
  • HIST 222 Modern Britain
  • HIST 272 African-American History I
  • HIST 308 Topics: Introduction to Museum Studies
  • HIST 453 Indians and Colonists in PA (Listed as: Colonial PA German Society)

Core II: Required ANTH/ARCH Core (15 credits)

  • ANTH 122 Introduction to Physical Anthropology
  • ANTH 123 Introduction to Archaeology
  • ANTH 235 Historical Archaeology
  • ANTH 320 Archaeological Method and Theory
  • ANTH 498: Independent Study

ANTH/ARCH Electives: (3-6 credits)

Choose 1 of the following, with advisor permission:

Track A: Archaeological Field School (6 credits, would also count as capstone course)

Track B: For students who may not be able to participate in archaeological fieldwork, or who are planning a history/research (non fieldwork) oriented career, may choose one of the following to complete:

Core II:
ANTH 121 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 226: Comparative Societies
ANTH 233 Topics in Archaeology

Capstone Course (3-6 credits)

For Archaeology focus: ANTH 458 Senior Seminar in Archaeology, or ANTH 425 Archaeological Field School

For History focus: HIST 406 (Senior Seminar) or HIST 499 (Thesis)

Museum Studies experience: Course inclusive of internship, field
experience, or recommended-related coursework per advisors approval