Sports Journalism

Sports Journalism - BA-MDST Major

NOTE: The Sports Journalism concentration will sunset in Spring 2022.  It will re-emerge in Fall 2022 as a major option in the department of Communications.  Please contact the faculty advisors or Dr. P for more information.

The MDST concentration in Sports Journalism teaches students to write, report and develop multimedia sport packages while giving them an understanding of the role of sports journalism in society.  Building sports communities through print, digital and social media will be emphasized through experiential learning opportunities. Students will learn the methods and techniques for communicating about sports in a variety of formats, media and contexts.

The concentration prepares students for successful careers by ensuring that graduates can:

  • demonstrate oral and written communication skills using print, broadcast, digital, and social media; 
  • apply journalistic values and ethical standards and their use in both traditional news media and the evolving field of digital sports media;
  • analyze and write about sports in a larger social context involving economic, legal, social, health, and political issues; and
  • develop and implement new forms of sports journalism online, including blogging, tweeting, and streaming audio and video.

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Core Program 1 (18 credits)

Foundations in Journalism

  • ENGL 250 Press and Society -or- COMM 220 Survey of Mass Media
  • ENGL 313 Fundamentals of Journalism
  • ENGL 315 Advanced Reporting
  • ENGL 317 Editing for Publication
  • ENGL 327 Feature and Magazine Writing
  • ENGL 330 Computer-Assisted Journalism

Core Program 2 (18 credits)

Foundations in Sports

  • WSSD 350 Sport in America
  • WSSD 454 Leadership Development in Sports
  • WSSD 480 Theory and Techniques of Coaching and Sport
  • WSSD 483 Legal Aspects of Sport
  • One of the following:
    • WSSD 484 Psychological/Social Foundations
    • WSSD 485 Performance Enhancement: Mental Training in Sport
    • WSSD 582 Sport Psychology
  • One of the following:
    • ENGL 300 Co-Op Ed Experience in English
    • ENGL 473 Special Topics in Journalism

Capstone Experience (3 credits)

ENGL 472 Writing Workshop


ENGL 400 Internship/co-op

General Education (45 credits)

Millersville University's General Education curriculum is designed to cultivate the intellect by educating students to reason logically, to think critically, to express themselves clearly, and to foster an understanding of the human condition. The General Education requirements are detailed here

Required Related Electives (9 credits)

All baccalaureate majors require students to complete a minimum of 120 credits.  Completing Core 1, Core 2, the Capstone Experience, and all General Education requirements typically requires 84 credits.   For students in the MDST in Sports Journalism Studies concentration, students will be required to take 3 or more courses from the following list to satisfy their required related elective credits:

  • ART 240 Typography I
  • ART 244 Typography II
  • Art 376: Intra to Photo: Digital
  • COMM 121: Intro to Audio and Video
  • COMM 206: Communication Law
  • COMM 380: Digital Media Writing
  • ENGL 435: Journalism through Women's Perspectives
  • ENGL 472: Writing Workshop
  • ENGL 473: Special Topics in Journalism
  • GEOG 228: Geography of Sport

Students will also need to take an additional 27 elective credits to reach the requirement of 120. Students work with advisors to select additional courses, minors, or second majors as part of this elective block.

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