Developing a MDST Program of Study


Working closely with the MDST Coordinator, faculty and students have the option of developing academically challenging concentrations of study unique to their multidisciplinary interests. 

The mdst proposal process

Please take a moment to review the MDST proposal process steps (from concept to approval) HERE

Understanding each step is essential in managing expectations and working with the MDST Coordinator to facilitate your proposal development. Keep in mind, this process is dependent on student/faculty initiative. The Coordinator will support your efforts, but cannot write the proposal for you.

types of proposals

There are two ways to generate a MDST proposal: faculty initiated and student initiated.  Every proposal requires approval by the MDST Curriculum Committee. Documents should be prepared in Word format.  Items include:

Faculty initiated proposals:

  1. Title Page
  2. Faculty presenters
  3. Name of proposed concentration within MDST major (i.e. Disability Studies)
  4. Rationale and need; target audiences (if applicable)
  5. Curriculum plan outline including sense of appropriate capstone experience(s); include course numbers and descriptions on separate page
  6. Signed Signature page

 Student initiated proposals:

  1. Title Page
  2. Student presenter
  3. Name of faculty advisors
  4. Rationale for proposed concentration within MDST major, including student goals statement
  5. Curriculum plan outline including sense of appropriate capstone experience(s); include separate page of course numbers and descriptions.
  6. Signed Signature page
  7. Current DARS or transcript
  8. Identify Core One and Core Two subject areas
  9. Indicate courses completed to date

Click here to view an example of a high-quality student proposal (used with permission).

All forms must be typed and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Proposals should be developed in consultation with the MDST Faculty Coordinator and submitted electronically and in hard copy.