Minor in Information Technology

The INTE program offers a Minor in Information Technology. 

A minor in INTE (Information Technology) will give students the unique opportunity to study and understand IT concepts and add sufficient experiences with fundamental Information Technology topics to their post-academic careers. Students will gain knowledge at an intermediate level in this field with practical hands-on skills crucial to support organizational Information Technology infrastructure and users. 

Information Technology is a broad field that associates with all computing tasks and processes relating to computer systems and technology in any organization or business. As technology advancements change our lives, more well-qualified IT professionals are needed to create and maintain information systems. A minor in INTE is an excellent extension to a wide variety of majors at Millersville University, enabling students to increase their abilities and enhance their career options. A minor in Information Technology develops a broad and consistent knowledge of the underlying principles and concepts of Information Technology.

INTE Minor Required Courses: 19 Credits Minimum Prerequisite: Credits
INTE 120 Integrated Information Technology Application Projects  None 4 s.h.
INTE 130 Fundamentals of Information Technology  None  4 s.h.
INTE 230 Network Concepts, Security, and Administration   Prerequisite:
CSCI 161;
INTE 130
 4 s.h.
INTE 360 IT Risk Management and Security Prerequisite:
INTE 230  
 4 s.h.
Select 1 Additional 300- or 400-level INTE course (INTE 410 IT Project Management is recommended)     3 or 4 s.h.
 Total:   19-20 s.h.
 Completion of 19-20 credit-hours is required.      

Notes: This minor requires Computer Science course (CSCI 161) that, with appropriate advising, can be incorporated into the General Education program requirements of an academic major.