Millersville University Popular Music Program




MU Pop Bands…

…Are open to all students.
...May be taken for academic credit.
...Are by audition only.


Professor David Cullen
Popular Music Lab Band - Director


Professor Mike Vitale
Popular Music Ensemble - Director 

For additional information, contact Dr. Barry Atticks, MBT Coordinator (


Popular Music Lab Band - Tuesday/Thursday 2:30-4:00 pm

Popular Music Ensemble - Tuesday/Thursday 4:00-5:30 pm


This year there are 4 different Popular Music Ensemble Bands, each comprised of a lead vocalist, lead and rhythm guitarists, bassist, and drummer. Additional opportunities are also available for trumpets, saxophonists, harmonic vocalists, and keyboardist. Members are chosen by audition each fall and placed into one of the bands. Repertoire ranges from the rock of the 60s through present day hits. The bands will perform a minimum of 4 public performances this year on campus and various venues throughout the region.

The Popular Music Lab Band is an ensemble that accommodates a wide range of student experience levels in guitar, bass, drums, voice, and keyboards. No previous rock band experience is required, but students are asked to audition individually during the first two rehearsals to determine ability and part assignment. Less experienced musicians develop reading and interpretation skills while more advanced players are given a considerable opportunity to further develop their solo abilities. Varied opportunities for performance are available, including one live performance each semester in the music department.