School Health Supervisory Certification Program

Requirements for Admission

The Supervisory Certificate coordinator for School Health Services will evaluate individual applications with an admission recommendation forwarded to the Graduate Admissions Office in the College of Graduate & Professional Studies. Applicants must hold Specialist II (School Nursing) certification in the subject area in which the supervisory certification is sought and have earned a Master's Degree. Before supervisory certification is granted, five years of experiences in the area of supervision is required.

Candidates seeking admission to the Supervisory Certification Program must complete a formal graduate program application (including 3 letters of recommendation, professional goals statement, and official transcripts of graduate & undergraduate work). MU has a Master's Degree in Nursing with two options, Family Nurse Practitioner and Nursing Education.

The School Health Services Supervisory Certificate Program consists of 15 credits, including three core courses and a six-credit field experience. Students are recommended to take EDSU 700 first, if possible. Courses are offered on an 'as needed' basis dependent upon the number and progress of students in the Supervisory Certificate Program. Communication is maintained with the Dean of Education and Educational Foundations Department to provide tracking information of students. These courses do not need to be taken in numerical order; however, EDSU 700, EDSU 701, and EDSU 703 must be completed before beginning NURS 799.

Required Courses

  • EDSU 700 - Functions of Supervision (3 cr.)
  • EDSU 701 - Administrative Aspects of Supervision (3 cr.)
  • EDSU 703 - Curriculum and Instruction (3 cr.)
  • NURS 799 - Applied Supervision: School Health Services (6 cr.)

To apply for Post Master's Supervisory 1 Certification in School Health Services go to:

Field Experience Requirements

NURS 799 Applied Supervision is a performance-based clinical experience for educators seeking Supervisory Certification. Comprehensive involvement in on-site supervisory activities is a core element of this experience. Required research, policy, and skill competencies are described below. All aspects of this clinical experience must reflect best professional practice as described in criterion referenced assessments. The Field Experience will require approximately 11 hours per week over the two semesters. The hours spent in EDSU 700 supervising and this field experience should total 360 hours.

Competencies for Field Experience include:

  1. Knowledge of recent research and application of basic research tools and techniques to problems encountered in supervisory positions.
  2. The ability to work with paraprofessionals, teachers, student teachers and the auxiliary staff.
  3. Skill in curriculum planning and evaluation.
  4. Ability to coordinate supporting services to the major curriculum components.
  5. Ability to review and assess various curricula needs and recommended changes as deemed necessary.

Exit Criteria

The following criteria will be used as exit criteria for candidates to successfully complete the School Health Services Supervisory Certificate:

  1. Students will need to take the Praxis 0411 and obtain a score of 143 or higher to receive the Certification.  Please see:
  2. A total of 360 hours completed in field experiences and EDSU 700 supervision assignments.
  3. All courses must be completed with a final GPA of 3.0.
  4. NURS 799: Applied Supervision must be completed with “P” or above.
  5. All students must present a portfolio that should address the PA Standards for Single Area Supervisory Certificate.