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The School Nurse Program is designed for the student who desires a PA Department of Education K4-12 School Nurse Certification.  This program is offered as a stand-alone post-baccalaureate School Nurse Certification or as part of the MSN-School Nurse curriculum.  In order to achieve certification, students progress through courses in Advanced Educational Psychology and School Nursing.  The courses incorporate online instruction and experiential learning activities in a public school setting.  All course content and time offerings are designed to meet the needs of the student as well as Pennsylvania standards for School Nurse Certification. 

PLEASE NOTE: For applicants interested in completing School Nurse Certification courses independent of the MSN degree, please CLICK HERE for more information.





    Wehrheim School of Nursing Criteria

    Please Note: Applications that do not include the following data and information may be considered incomplete which may affect the status of the application.

    Specific criteria required by the Nursing Department include:

    1. Baccalaureate degree in nursing from an accredited program.
    2. Undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. When GPA is below this, provisional acceptance may be considered if the candidate demonstrates graduate study potential by other means.
    3. Satisfactory completion of an undergraduate statistics course and a research course in nursing.
    4. Three current academic and/or professional references.
    5. Licensure as a registered nurse in Pennsylvania or in the state where clinical practice or internship is to be arranged.
    6. Minimum of one year of clinical experience in nursing.
    7. Current resume including one clinical experience.

    Required Documentation

    Please provide the additional documents listed below with your completed application:

    1. Current resume or C.V.: Please include all clinical experience to date.
    2. State where Professional Licensure is currently held: Please include RN number as well as expiration date. May send a copy of your license.
    3. Please verify completion of the following: Year, Institution, and Name of Course.
      • Undergraduate or graduate Statistics course.
      • Undergraduate or graduate Research course in Nursing.
      • Undergraduate or graduate Physical Assessment course.

    Millersville University
    School Nurse MSN Program

    In addition to the MSN core courses, students are also required to complete these school-nurse specific courses.  

    NURS 550 School Nursing and Diverse Learners (3 credits) Focus on the specialty practice area of school nursing, examining the role of the school nurse with emphasis on the special health needs of children in the school setting. Management and evaluation of the special healthcare needs of diverse learners are discussed with an understanding of the need for outcome criteria. Emphasis is placed on identifying accommodations and adaptations for diverse learners. An overview of common physiological and psychological diagnoses of the school-age population is provided, as well as the legal responsibilities of the school nurse when caring for this diverse population. 

    NURS 560 School Nursing – Clinical Practicum (5 credits) Focus on the specialty practice area of school nursing. Laws pertaining to school nursing practice and legal considerations for school nurses are explored. Individualized health plans that address the special health needs of children in the school setting are developed. Management and evaluation of the comprehensive school health program are discussed with an understanding for the need of outcome criteria. Clinical experiences provide the student an opportunity to apply concepts learned in the various school nursing program courses in school health settings at both elementary and secondary levels. 3 hrs. theory and 2 hrs. practicum.

    EDFN 545 Advanced Educational Psychology (3 credits) A review of psychological principles as they relate to human learning in the urban and nonurban setting. Special consideration is given to motivational and developmental factors in the school that influence students’ learning. Additional topics include examination of assessment and evaluation practices, classroom management and accommodating individual differences.

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