Spring Transfer Student Orientation

Your Orientation Program

We look forward to you joining us on campus this spring!

All Spring Transfer Students, regardless of credits being transferred in, are required to participate in a TransferMation day program. You will be assigned to one of two orientation dates based upon your date of deposit. The 2019-20 dates for Spring Transfer Student Orientation are:

Information regarding your program will be provided through your Marauder email account prior to your orientation date. In the meantime, please complete the pre-orientation checklist found in the Marauder Arrival Program.

Orientation Fee

Transfer students are required to attend orientation much in the same way that students are required to attend classes. A fee of $50 is included in your semester bill to cover the expenses associated with the program. Our commitment to campus service providers and material costs prevents the issuing of refunds should you be unable to attend the program.

Arrival Information

Information related to the start of the spring semester, including checking in to residence halls, will be sent to your Marauder email account a few weeks before the semester starts.