Title IV Authorization

Federal Aid Authorization Form

The purpose of this form is to obtain student permission to use Title IV funds (Federal Direct Loans, Perkins, Pell, SEOG, etc.) to cover miscellaneous expenses (examples listed below) charged to your student account in the Office of Student Accounts (OSA). This form is required by the US Dept of Education to cover miscellaneous costs if there is an excess after the standard costs are paid in full (tuition, general fee, room and meals, degree fee).

Please note - these elections may not reflect on your completed financial aid requirements screen for several days.  Choosing not to authorize Millersville University to pay current and/or prior charges will result in a remaining outstanding financial aid requirement that will not delay the payment of aid.

Federal Aid Authorization Form

Federal Aid Authorization Form

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    Note: Checking both boxes will cover current and previous terms and may speed up the refund process. I understand that this authorization is valid for the entire period of my enrollment and can only be revoked by submitting in writing to the Office of Student Accounts.

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