Millersville Parade Guidelines and Rules of Behavior

Thank you for helping to keep the Millersville Parade fun and safe!

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Definitions of Entries

  1. Float: a float, decorated for theme competition, will be pulled by a vehicle or self-propelled wagon. This entry could include both a moving vehicle and a team of walkers;
  2. Instrumental: this entry is defined as a musical group (either marching or riding), that perform throughout the length of the parade;
  3. Non-instrumental Marching: these entries are defined as any group walking through the parade route with any of the following: similar dress, synchronized movement or organized choreography, that perform throughout the length of the parade;
  4. Baton Twirling: this entry includes any baton/twirling group;
  5. Color Guard/Military: this entry includes any color guard (including military) not marching with an instrumental or non-instrumental entity;
  6. Antique/Classic Vehicle: an antique/classic vehicle is a vehicle that is 25 years or older (for 2019: model year 1994 or older). Newer classic or collectible vehicles built in 1994 or later are welcome to participate in the parade but will not be judged;
  7. Animal Entries: any parade entry that consists of animals. Animals may not be cruelly exploited, endangered or abused in the process of the parade. All animals must be controlled by means of a harness, halter or leash if not otherwise contained. Equine and other animal units must provide their own clean-up personnel.
  8. General Entries
    • Business
    • Non-business/civic and community
    • University
    • Elected Official
    • Political Office Candidate
    • Media
    • Other


All participants in the parade must 1) behave with due regard for the rights and feelings of other participants and / or spectators; 2) refrain from words or behaviors which could reasonably be perceived as provocative, threatening, abusive, insulting or lewd (this includes song lyrics); 3) follow the directions of parade organizers, police and volunteers at all times; 4) immediately curb/clean up after live animal entries.

Candy or other objects

Candy or other objects may be hand distributed but not thrown or tossed on the street, for the safety of children, spectators, and participants.


No offensive or lewd clothing may be worn at any time during the Millersville Community-University Parade.


Any use of a controlled substance is prohibited. If parade organizers, volunteers or police believe a participant to be under the influence of a controlled substance, they will take the necessary measures to remove that participant from the parade. All entries are restricted from displaying or distributing any information concerning alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, as well as any display of alcoholic beverage company logos.


Participants should review the enclosed information with regard to staging times, places and directions. Participants are expected to follow these staging instructions.


No live ammunition.


Participants should keep to the designated route as directed by the parade volunteers and must complete entire parade route.


No monetary solicitations are permitted before, during or after the parade (inclusive on parade route) on parade day.


When participants complete the parade route, they are expected to disperse immediately in order to clear the area for remaining participants. Dispersal point Creek St parking lot.

Fire Companies/Emergency Vehicles

Dress attire would be a plus. No siren blowing will be permitted.

Parade order of entries is determined by the parade committee.