New Administration and Staff

Click on each division below to view the names and positions of new administration and staff.

  • Academic Affairs

    Ms. Robin Bennett
    Director, Field Services
    B.A., English, Elizabeth City State University
    M.S., Elementary Education, Cheyney University

    Mrs. Gwenda Burkholder
    Opioid Workforce Grant Program Coordinator, School of Social Work
    B.A., Social Work, Temple University
    M.S.W., Temple University

    Ms. Cynthia Darin
    Administrative Assistant, College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning
    A.A., Web Development, Harrisburg Area Community College

    Ms. Adelia Edwards
    Stock Clerk, College of Science and Technology
    B.S., Biology, Millersville University

    Dr. Rachel Finley-Bowman
    Dean, Student Success & Associate Provost for Academic Support Services,
    B.S., History/Politics, Drexel University
    M.A., History, Lehigh University
    Ph.D., History, Lehigh University

    Mrs. Miriam Gonzalez
    CAMP Counselor/Resource Coordinator, Migrant Education Program
    B.A., Anthropology, Millersville University

    Mr. Zachary Mellman-Carsey
    Laboratory Technician, Art and Design
    B.F.A., Jewelry and Metals, Bowling Green State University
    M.F.A., Jewelry, Sculpture and Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Indiana University

    Ms. Kathleen Nazarenus
    Executive Associate, Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
    B.A., English, University of Maryland

    Ms. Lory Powers
    Department Secretary, Music
    B.S., Biology, York College

    Ms. Katherine Sternbergh
    Associate Director, Integrated Studies
    B.S., Psychology, Kutztown University
    M.S.W., Kutztown University
    Ms. Heather Strohman
    Field Coordinator, School of Social Work
    B.A., Social Work, Millersville University
    M.S.W., Millersville University

    Dr. Marc Tomljanovich
    Dean, Lombardo College of Business
    B.A., Economics & Political Science, Northwestern University
    Ph.D., Economics, Cornell University

    Ms. Kelly Usbeck
    Student Support Specialist, Online Programs
    B.A., Sociology, Bloomsburg University

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  • Advancement

    Ms. Kelsey Madas
    Social Media Editor, Communications & Marketing
    B.A., Communication and Biblical Studies, Lancaster Bible College

    Ms. Staci Strauss
    Research Associate, Advancement Information Services

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  • Finance & Administration

    Ms. Kerry Bartens
    Financial Accountant, Accounting and Budget
    B.S., Accounting, Elizabethtown College
    B.S., Criminal Justice, Pennsylvania State University

    Ms. Julie Brennan
    Police Supervisor, University Police
    A.A., Police Science, Harrisburg Area Community College

    Mr. Wesley Bullock
    Event & Conference Coordinator, Visual & Performing Arts
    B.S., Music Education, Butler University

    Mr. Nicholas Celia
    Custodial Worker, Housekeeping
    B.S., Industrial Arts Education, Millersville University

    Mr. Francois Courtois
    Food Service Worker, Dining & Conference Services
    Mr. Justin Diller
    Maintenance Repairman 2, Maintenance Operations

    Mr. Jason Dixon
    Auto Mechanic, Maintenance Operations
    A.S., General Education, Lancaster Bible College

    Ms. Darlyn Feliciano
    Custodial Worker, Housekeeping

    Ms. Kristen Grey
    Financial Aid Counselor, Student Financial Services
    B.A., English, Clarion University
    M.Ed., Higher Educational Counseling, Widener University

    Ms. Andrea Hauri
    Assistant Director, Human Resources
    B.S., Business Administration, York College of Pennsylvania

    Ms. Sadie Hyson
    Client Services Representative, Student Financial Services
    A.A., General Studies, Harrisburg Area Community College

    Mr. Christopher Jackson
    Technical Coordinator, Visual & Performing Arts
    B.S., Music Industry & Recording Technology, York College of Pennsylvania

    Mr. Jared Kreiser
    Security Officer, University Police
    A.A., Criminal Justice, Harrisburg Area Community College

    Ms. Germinee Lajoie
    Custodial Worker, Housekeeping
    B.A., Fashion Design, Saint Roman College

    Mr. Andrew Lutz
    Groundskeeper, Maintenance Operations
    B.S., Agronomy & Environmental Science, Delaware Valley College

    Mr. Cody Mason
    Groundskeeper, Maintenance Operations

    Ms. Crystal Meadows
    Groundskeeper, Maintenance Operations

    Ms. Elena Medvedkina
    Food Service Worker, Dining & Conference Services
    B.A., Kamsky Polytechnic University, Russia

    Mr. Lestter Mercedes
    Custodial Worker, Housekeeping
    A.S., Accounting/Information Systems, Plaza Business Institute

    Ms. Martina Montanez
    Hostess, Dining & Conference Services

    Ms. Samantha Moreno
    Financial Aid Counselor, Student Financial Services
    B.A., Biological Foundations of Behavior, Franklin and Marshall College

    Mr. Donald Patterson
    Purchasing Food Service Supervisor, Dining & Conference Services

    Ms. Erica Pitt
    Food Service Worker, Dining & Conference Services

    Ms. Sundee Poole
    Baker, Dining & Conference Services
    B.A., Criminology, University of South Florida

    Ms. Jessica Rodriguez
    Custodial Worker, Housekeeping

    Ms. Phyllis Rossi
    Food Service Worker, Dining & Conference Services
    B.S., Human Development, Pennsylvania State University

    Ms. Angelica Santiago Rivera
    Custodial Worker, Housekeeping
    A.A.S., Radiology Technology, Interamericana University

    Ms. Cheri Underwood
    Custodial Worker, Housekeeping

    Ms. Nilka Ventura
    Custodial Worker, Housekeeping

    Mr. Jacob Waltz
    Patrol Officer, University Police
    B.A., Criminal Justice, Alvernia University

    Mr. Barry Wilson
    Groundskeeper, Maintenance Operations

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  • Information Technology

    Mr. Dominic Pirocchi
    Systems Manager, Network & Systems Services
    B.S., Information Technology, University of Phoenix

    Mr. Mason Spence
    Systems Administrator, Network & Systems Services
    B.A., Government & Political Affairs, Millersville University

    Mr. Haiying (John) Wang
    Database Administrator, Information Systems Services
    B.S., Horticulture Science, Beijing Agricultural College
    M.S., Horticulture Science, Clemson University
    M.C.S., New Jersey Institute of Technology

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  • Non-School

    Ms. Ashley Sherman
    Archives & Special Collections Technician, University Library
    B.A., English Writing Studies, Millersville University

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  • Office of the President

    Ms. Cecilia North
    Senior Associate, Office of the President
    B.A., Communication Arts, Hofstra University
    M.B.A., Marketing, New York University

    Ms. TaLisa Ramos
    Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Diversity & Social Justice
    B.A., Social Work, Elizabethtown College
    M.A., Social Work, Millersville University

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  • Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

    Mr. Isimhemen Ayewoh
    Admissions Counselor, Admissions
    B.S., Business Administration, Cheyney University
    M.B.A., Bowie State University

    Mr. Evan Dudick
    Assistant Football Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
    B.S., Communication/Journalism, Shippensburg University

    Ms. Anna Gimmestad
    Assistant Softball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
    B.S., Biology, Bucknell University

    Ms. Amber Guinther
    Ticket Sales Manager, Student Memorial Center Operations
    B.S., Sports Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst

    Ms. Linda Mellinger
    Department Secretary, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
    B.S., Business Administration/Marketing, Albright College

    Ms. Mary Payne
    Department Secretary, Admissions
    B.A., Corporate Communication, Elizabethtown College

    Mr. Brian Rentz
    Assistant Golf Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
    B.S., Business Administration, Coastal Carolina University

    Mr. Alec Schwartz
    Head Equipment Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics
    B.S., Athletic Coaching Education, West Virginia University

    Ms. Alysia Smith
    Head Cheerleading Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
    B.S., Early Education, California University
    Ms. Susan Smith-Troy
    University Registered Nurse, Health Services
    B.S., Nursing, Seattle University

    Ms. Elizabeth Wieller
    Admissions Counselor, Admissions
    B.S., Sport Administration, Lock Haven University
    M.S., Sport Administration, Lock Haven University 

    Ms. Chelsey Wirth
    Assistant Director, Athletics Fundraising & Revenue Generation, Intercollegiate Athletics
    B.A., Sociology & Psychology, Millersville University
    M.S., Public Health, Penn State College of Medicine

    Ms. Lydia Yeager
    Assistant Director, Conference Services, Housing & Residential Programs
    B.S., Speech Communication, Millersville University
    M.S., Organizational Development & Leadership in Communications, Shippensburg University

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