President's Listening Tour

Join Millersville University President, Dr. Daniel Wubah, for lively and candid conversations about the past, present and future of the University. 

Alumni & Friends Tour

Marauders from across the country and around the world - President Wubah wants to hear from you!

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University Community Tour

Members of the Millersville University community - do not miss your opportunity to meet with and greet President Wubah.

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In addition to sharing his priorities for the University, Dr. Wubah will ask attendees to answer the following questions:

  • What do we do best?
  • What are we not doing?
  • What are your hopes and aspirations for Millersville University?

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  • What We've Heard So Far

    For those Marauders and friends that have provided valuable feedback at one of our Listening Tour sessions or online, thank you so much for taking the opportunity to offer your perspectives.  While all of the feedback will be helpful during our future planning and assessment, some of the feedback is being acted upon as quickly as we can to improve services and programs right now. Below is a small sample of what we've heard so far and will be updated regularly.

    What do we do best?

    • Our campus grounds and outdoor spaces are beautiful and well kept.
    • Our campus is safe and people feel secure.
    • Strong academic programs and talented faculty.
    • Many opportunities outside the classroom for our students.
    • Dedicated and caring staff that provide a welcoming environment.

    What are we not doing?

    • Need to improve at sharing information on campus to all groups.
    • Find more avenues and opportunities to collaborate across units and divisions.
    • Greater opportunities to recognize employees for service and performance.
    • Enhance student advising and mentoring support.

    What are your hopes and aspirations for Millersville University?

    • Regain the internal and external perception that Millersville is the best campus in PASSHE.
    • Strong mutual relationship between Millersville University and the City of Lancaster.
    • A community that collaborates and has broken through the silos that currently exist.
    • A campus that lives it core values each and every day.
  • Actions Taken So Far
    Can students with meal plans have more flexibility with Flex Dollars from semester to semester so that they don’t lose their unused funds?

    The Director of University Dining and Conference Services and his team have been working on the option of a Flex Dollar carry forward from Spring Semester to Fall Semester.  Flex Dollars currently roll over from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester, as well as Summer Meal Plans carrying forward to the Fall Semester.  The new model would allow Flex Dollars to carry forward in order that students would not lose money as they cross over academic years.  We will begin carrying forward any Flex Dollar balances effective May of 2019; carry over Flex Dollars would be posted following commencement for use in Summer Sessions and the Fall 2019 Semester.  Students with any remaining balance at the conclusion of their enrollment at Millersville due to graduation, transfer or withdrawal will be able to 1.) request a check for any balance greater than $4.99, 2.) pay any remaining balance on their student account, or 3.) donate the balance to the Millersville University scholarship fund.

    Can we establish more mentoring programs on campus to support students?

    President Wubah has recently created a task force of faculty, staff, alumni and students to examine the current small scale mentoring projects and seek ways to better coordinate and enhance mentoring initiatives.  The task force will commence before winter break and deliver a report to the President by the end of February. 

    What can be done to improve the services and programs for commuter students?

    The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management has recently begun the process of assessing commuter needs and potential enhancements to commuter services, programs, and facilities.  This initiative is a high priority among the leadership team in student affairs and enrollment management and VP Brian Hazlett expects to receive a report from his team early in the spring semester.

    Can student organizations have better options for lower cost food for their meetings and events?

    The Director of University Dining and Conference Services has met with student government leaders to review this concern.  The student leaders are in the process of reviewing former catering menus to determine whether any of the items are no longer pertinent and add items that are more appetizing for our current students.  The goal is to have the new student group catering menu available for the spring semester.

    Can we bring back an employee appreciation event or program to honor their longevity and years of service?

    President Wubah is pleased to announce that the administration will host an Employee Appreciation of Service event on Thursday, May 2nd for those employees celebrating service milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years at Millersville University.  A small work group from HR and the President’s Office is currently developing plans for this special event.

    What is being done to enhance safety and lighting on campus when walking after dark?

    The University Police Chief and the Director of Environmental Health and Safety conducted a walking tour of campus with a group of students on the evening of October 4.  The purpose of the walking tour across campus grounds was to review safety and infrastructure concerns and identify opportunities for improvements.  Several suggestions for additional lighting, cutting back of trees or shrubs, and relocation of emergency phones were identified for remediation.