Control Systems Technology

Degrees: A.T., B.S.

Develop the professional skills necessary to excel in a variety of technical careers through the Control Systems Technology program at Millersville University.


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Why Study This Program?

Add a practical edge to your appreciation for technology through the Control Systems Technology concentration within Millersville University's Applied Engineering and Technology Management program. This concentration focuses on the technical skills developed through the greater Robotics & Control Systems program.

MU offers three courses of study for students interested in Control Systems Technology: a Robotics & Control Systems Technology concentration within the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Applied Engineering and Technology Management (ATEM), an Associate of Technology (A.T.) degree in Applied Engineering and Technology or a minor in Control Systems Technology.

MU's Applied Engineering & Technology Management degrees are accredited by The Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

What Will You Learn?

The Control Systems Technology curriculum helps students establish a foundation of knowledge about science principles before focusing on the application that knowledge to technology. Laboratory courses encourage students to design, program, develop and construct projects independently and collaborate in small groups. Upperclassmen are encouraged to participate in a cooperative education or internship experiences to further their knowledge and skills in an industrial environment. 

The Associate of Technology course of study within this program provides students with similar  technical coursework as the four-year program, but without courses in management. You will explore, electronic systems, power control, industrial robotics systems, mobile robotic systems and more in addition to technical completing support courses such as computer-aided engineering and production materials & processes. Required related courses round out the departmental requirements for this degree with options in mathematics and science.

The minor in Control Systems Technology is available to students who complete 18 credits of technical courses related to the study of robotics and control systems.

Millersville University's well-established internship program allows students to work with an employer and Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology faculty to achieve the best possible learning value. Robotics & Control Systems internships combine the student's academic and technical preparation with actual on-the-job experiences in control.