Digital Journalism

Degree: B.A.

Millersville University's Digital Journalism program produces graduates who are well-versed in the basics of journalism and prepared to take on the challenges of an increasingly technological media environment.

Why Study This Program?

Refine your writing, visual and audio creativity in a digital context to prepare you for a career in our increasingly technological world. Constant technological advances mean that journalism students need to understand all media platforms including print, broadcast, social media, online audio and video. However, journalism still involves an understanding of ethics and media law, fact-gathering and storytelling. 

Through Millersville University's Digital Journalism program, you will learn how to contribute to the digital age by studying journalism's past and analyzing the current and future media environment. With faculty who both teach and practice the arts of journalism and media production, students gain a multidisciplinary perspective from the arts, communication and English. 

Digital Journalism graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Multidisciplinary Studies.

What Will You Learn?

Drawing on classes from the departments of Art & Design, Communications & Theatre, and English, this multidisciplinary program trains students in the areas of storytelling, fact-gathering and electronic media production to develop high-quality, ethical news content. 

As a Digital Journalism major, you will split your studies between Foundations in Journalism and Digital Media, which are the major's two core programs. Foundations in Journalism classes explore interviewing, print publications, web writing, ethics and other aspects of journalism. Digital Media classes allow you to explore your creativity through graphic design, videography, photography and web design.

Your study will conclude with individualized real-world experiences through research, internships or practicums to prepare you specifically for relevant careers in our modern world.