Environmental Hazard & Emergency Management

Degree: B.A.

Millersville University's Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management program produces students who are passionate and prepared to build disaster-resilient communities.

Why Study This Program?

Millersville University's Environmental Hazards & Emergency Management program is designed to educate and train students who are interested in protecting and building disaster-resilient communities. This multidisciplinary field continues to develop as disasters and major emergencies become more frequent and costly, and as response and recovery from these events require increased collaboration and coordination.

As you progress through this program of study, you will practically apply the theories of emergency management, obtain a knowledge of natural hazards and their impacts from a scientific perspective, interpret data and information technology, and exhibit competency in assessing risk susceptibility within a community or organization.

Environmental Hazard & Emergency Management is a concentration within the Multidisciplinary Studies program, and graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

What Will You Learn?

The Environmental Hazards & Emergency Management program explores the scientific foundations of the environment and its hazards, along with the best practices for managing disasters.

As a student of this multidisciplinary program, you will split your studies between two core program tracks. The first aspect of the program includes courses in emergency management, homeland security and occupational safety. The second aspect of the program strengthens your understanding of the earth sciences and geography. 

Your study will conclude with individualized real-world experiences through research, internships or practicums to prepare you specifically for relevant careers in our modern world.