Degree: B.A.

Millersville University's Geology program exceeds requirements for the professional geology licensure and prepares students for immediate entry into either the workforce or graduate school.

Why Study This Program?

The Geology program provides an excellent foundation in modern geoscience and offers students an understanding of everything from earth’s formation to the interrelationship between humans and the geosphere. Students will get hands-on learning opportunities, field studies and research experiences that will prepare them for a variety of careers or graduated school. 

One Millersville alum who recently completed a master’s program at Temple University said, “I was very happy with how Millersville prepared me for graduate school.” Feedback from alums who go into industry has been similar—they have better preparation in skills needed for their job than graduates of other programs.

What Will You Learn?

Students will take 32 credits of required geology courses, six credits of geology electives, 29-30 credits of additional required courses and 15 credits of science electives. These courses will tackle subjects such as physical, historical, structural and advanced geology, as well as mineralogy, chemistry, geophysics, calculus and statistics. Classes are small, personalized and lead by faculty, not teaching assistants.  

Every student majoring in geology or environmental geology is encouraged to pursue an internship outside the department and many students undertake significant scientific research projects in addition to this. 

Environmental Geology students also have the chance to partake in is the annual Geological Society of America (GSA) conference. Each year, our program organizes a trip to the northeastern section meeting of the GSA, giving students a chance to attend the conference, hear cutting-edge talks and participate in networking opportunities. Most years the trip to the conference is combined with stops at locations of geologic interest. Many students who have undertaken significant scientific research projects are also encouraged to attend the GSA Annual Meeting.