Media & Broadcasting

Degree: B.S.

When it comes to television and radio production, Millersville University's Media and Broadcasting department allows students to find their "niche" through a truly comprehensive program.

Why Study This Program?

A degree in Media & Broadcasting from Millersville University provides students with an in-depth historical and conceptual understanding of the nature and function of the media. Students will learn to critically examine media products, work within media institutions and have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through working on professional production teams that create media products for non-profit organizations.

What Will You Learn?

Students should expect to take classes in radio and television production, film analyses, communications law and ethics as well as courses pertaining to the nature and function of the news media while also learning advanced and sophisticated technical skills through lectures, production laboratories and class projects.

The Broadcasting & Media department operates two fully-equipped television studios, digital video and audio computer editing suites, multi-track audio recording facilities and a 24-station computer lab with updated multimedia software. Students are given the opportunity for immediate hands-on preparation with MUTV-99, the student-produced programming for our campus cable TV channel, and WIXQ, the campus radio station.

Students are provided with both research and production opportunities through faculty-student collaborations. Previous projects have included scholarly publications, documentaries, public service announcements and a variety of other creative works. In addition, there are many networking opportunities available to students through a variety of regional and national conferences that are organized by the Millersville University chapter of the National Broadcasting Society (NBS).