Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology

Degree: B.S.

With the rapid pace of change in today's global society, the Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology program at Millersville University can prepare you to be competitive as technology and engineering-related careers evolve. 

Why Study This Program?

The Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology program at Millersville University prepares students for the forefront of technological innovation. This concentration within the Applied Engineering &Technology Management (AETM) program offers an education that can be applied to nearly any industry. As the demands for faster computers, tailored healthcare and energy efficiency increase, nanoscale science and engineering are more important than ever. A well-trained workforce will be critical to filling the need.

Graduates of this program will be prepared to work in information technology, energy, environmental science, medicine, homeland security, food safety and transportation among many others.

Students will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Engineering & Technology Management with a concentration in Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology. 

What Will You Learn?

Within this program, students will take 39 credits regarding communication, information, energy, power and transportation systems, production materials and processes, drafting communications, chemistry in nanotechnology and more. Students will also be required to take 21 credits regarding management courses, 10 credits of math courses, 6-8 credits of science courses and 6 credits of economics courses.

Students in Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology complete 18 credits of technical courses in nanoscale science and engineering at Pennsylvania State University’s Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization (CNEU). In this program, students work on a variety of projects in multi-million dollar facilities using cutting-edge equipment. The skills gained are directly transferable to industry and include clean room training and nanomaterials assessment and production, such as silicon processing, electron microscopy and other techniques for producing and analyzing nanoscale structures.

Students are encouraged to complete a Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology internship that combines the student's academic, technical and management preparation with actual on-the-job experiences ranging from custom piecework to high-volume operations. Internships involve a significant management component and students are required to engage in management-related activities such as planning, organizing, directing and supervising at the workplace. The student, the employer, and the faculty work cooperatively to assure the internship experience achieves the best possible learning value.

Nanofabrication Manufacturing at MU

MU’s Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology program prepares students for the forefront of technological...