Sports Journalism

Degree: B.A.

Millersville University's Sports Journalism program teaches sports lovers to communicate about the topic in a variety of formats, media and contexts.

Why Study This Program?

Transform your passion for sports into a career that you love through Millersville University's Sports Journalism program. The multidisciplinary major teaches students to write, report and develop multimedia sport packages while giving them an understanding of the role of sports journalism in society.

Experiential learning opportunities will allow you to interact with sports communities through print, digital and social media. Students learn the methods and techniques for communicating about sports in a variety of formats, media and contexts.

Sports Journalism is a concentration within the Multidisciplinary Studies program, and graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

What Will You Learn?

The Sports Journalism program familiarizes students with sports in the current media environment. 

You will split your studies between Foundations in Journalism and Foundations in Sports, which are the major's two core programs. Foundations in Journalism classes explore interviewing, print publications, web writing, ethics and other aspects of journalism. Foundations in Sports classes encourage you to consider American sports, coaching, sports psychology and legal aspects of sports.

Your study will conclude with individualized real-world experiences through research, internships or practicums to prepare you specifically for relevant careers in our modern world.