Help for Interfolio users

Reappointment and tenure will go through Interfolio again this year.  Additional information will be posted shortly.

For All Interfolio Users:

Interfolio Help for Users of Review, Promotion and Tenure

For Faculty Applying for Reappointment, Tenure and/or Promotion:

          Training Video for Faculty Applicants (begin at 1:28)

          Millersville Candidate Workshop PowerPoint

          Tip Sheet:  Preparing Your Materials for Upload

          Promotion Process Outline in Interfolio for Candidates

          Interfolio FAQ's

          Interfolio Promotion Candidate Upload Instructions

          Interfolio Reappointment Candidate Upload Instructions


For Reviewers (Department Evaluation Committee Members, Department Chairpersons, UPTC Members and Deans):

         Training Video for Reviewers (begin at 2:38)

         Millersville Reviewer PowerPoint

         Interfolio Reviewer Instructions

         Interfolio Reviewer Upload Instructions