Help for Interfolio users


Reappointment, promotion, tenure and post-tenure evaluation will go through Interfolio again this year.  TPTF evaluation will be NEW this year in Interfolio.  


For All Interfolio Users:


For Faculty Applying for Reappointment, Tenure and/or Promotion:

          Introductory Training Video for Faculty Applicants 

               Note:  Training session done by Interfolio's representative in 2019.  Be aware that while Interolio how-to is the same, Millersville's case structures have changed. 

               1:28 -- Trainer begins presentation with how to log in

               7:00 -- How to use the Dossier

               11:00 -- How to use Guidelines (within Dossier) to prepare for future cases

               18:00 -- How to upload files to your case, preview it and submit it

               26:00 -- How to find and use Interfolio help resources

          Millersville Candidate Workshop PowerPoint

          Guidelines for Submitting Materials to Interfolio (NEW in Fall 2021!)

          Interfolio Training for Promotion and Tenure Applicants (10/7/21 and 10/8/21)


          Interfolio FAQ's 


 For Reviewers (Department Evaluation Committee Members, Department Chairpersons, UPTC Members and Deans):

          **NEW VIDEO** Interfolio Intro and Upload Files **NEW**

         Fall 2023 Interfolio Presentation

         Millersville Reviewer PowerPoint