Help for Interfolio users


Reappointment, promotion and tenure will go through Interfolio again this year.  Post-tenure evaluation will be NEW this year in Interfolio.  Additional information will be posted shortly.


For All Interfolio Users:

Interfolio Help for Users of Review, Promotion and Tenure

For Faculty Applying for Reappointment, Tenure and/or Promotion:

          Introductory Training Video for Faculty Applicants 

               Note:  Training session done by Interfolio's representative in 2019.  Be aware that while Interolio how-to is the same, Millersville's case structures have changed. 

               1:28 -- Trainer begins presentation with how to log in

               7:00 -- How to use the Dossier

               11:00 -- How to use Guidelines (within Dossier) to prepare for future cases

               18:00 -- How to upload files to your case, preview it and submit it

               26:00 -- How to find and use Interfolio help resources

          Millersville Candidate Workshop PowerPoint

          Guidelines for Submitting Materials to Interfolio (NEW in Fall 2021!)

          Interfolio Training for Promotion and Tenure Applicants (10/7/21 and 10/8/21)

          Promotion Process Outline in Interfolio for Candidates (Revision in progress)

          Interfolio FAQ's (Revision in Progress)

          Interfolio Promotion Candidate Upload Instructions (Revision in Progress)

          Interfolio Reappointment Candidate Upload Instructions (Revision in Progress)


For Reviewers (Department Evaluation Committee Members, Department Chairpersons, UPTC Members and Deans):

         Introductory Training Video for Reviewers (begin at 2:38) (Pending edit and captioning)

         Millersville Reviewer PowerPoint

         Interfolio Reviewer Instructions (Revision in Progress)

         Interfolio Reviewer Upload Instructions (Revision in Progress)