Resources for Students and Families

Meeting Students Where They Are

Every member of the Millersville University community is unique. We all share some basic needs; but, as individuals, we will have different paths from orientation to graduation. We encourage you to bookmark this site as a resource - a starting point - for students and their families to learn about and find the resources that can help them make the most of their time at the 'Ville.

Click the link for more information on a hierarchy of collegiate basic needs as defined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education, PA MASLOW


 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The members of the Student Affairs team believe in welcoming and communicating well with every student and their family. 

In an effort to recognize each student as a whole person, we feel it is important to provide information and resources that meet students where they are along the journey. The spokes of this wheel outline areas that students and families often have questions about during their time at the 'Ville. We hope this is a useful guide to keep you moving in the right direction, whether you're beginning your studies or are approaching graduation. 

Student Resource Map

If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at or 717-871-5942.



Financial Resources

  • Student Strategies for Success
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  • EPPIIC Compassion Fund

    Students facing undue financial hardship or those in need of emergency assistance may qualify for the EPPIIC Compassion Fund. Full-time, currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate students in good standing with the University are eligible to apply. 

    EPPIIC Compassion Fund

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  • Help in Special Circumstances and Resources Beyond the FAFSA

    At Millersville University, we understand that students require support beyond financial aid to thrive academically and personally. Explore these invaluable resources further by clicking on the sections below, and empower yourself with the tools you need to excel.


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  • Financial Aid

    The Office of Financial Aid's goal is to inform, educate, and empower current and future Maraduers with the knowledge of financial aid programs, their financial responsibility, and to encourage them to play an active role in the investment toward their future. 


    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a great place to start. Millersville's school code is 003325.

    get started with the FAFSA

    Financial Aid offers so many resources with tips, videos, and more! 

    learn more with videos and checklists


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  • Marauder Gold

    Marauder Gold is a declining balance program that works like a credit card in reverse. Money depositied in to your Marauder Gold account may be used to make cash-free purcashes at various on- and off-campus locations. 

    click here to learn about Marauder Gold

    manage your marauder gold account

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  • On Campus Employment

    In addition to earning money, making friends, and learning about the University, working on campus can help you build your resume and develop the professional skills important to your future success! 

    steps to student employment on campus

    CURRENT OPEN POSITIONS - student employment

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  • Student Accounts

    The Office of Student Accounts manages all student payments, tuition waivers, Perkins loans, debt collection, and student refunds.

    Their website includes helpful information about:

    • Tuition and Fees 
    • Payment Information
    • Financial Holds
    • Student Refunds
    • Imporant Dates 
    • Parent/Third Party Information
    • Tax Information
    • Important Dates 


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  • Family Conversation Starters
    • Talk about deadlines for financial aid and billing
    • Visit the Financial Aid and Student Accounts webpages for helpful resources 
    • Encourage your student to consider on-campus employment opportunities if they feel they can balance their studies and a part-time position 
    • Talk about spending and saving strategies. Resources are available in the Student Memorial Center with our community partner, PSECU
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Safety and Security Resources

  • Student Strategies for Success
    • Make your safety a priority by remaining aware and alert in your surroundings 
    • Before you leave an area, take inventory of your items to save yourself time and money searching for missing items!
    • If you do notice something missing - report it and check the following lost and found locations
    • Familiarize yourself with the Student Handbook/Code of Conduct (PDF)
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  • Behavioral Intervention Team

    Millersville University established the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) to assist in addressing situations where students, faculty, or staff are displaying distruptive or threatening behaviors that potentially impede their own or others' ability to function successfully or safely.

    In cases where a person may pose an immediate risk of violence to self or others, please call 911.


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  • Code of Conduct

    The Student Handbook/Code of Conduct is a great resource for all members of the community to understand their responsibilities and rights at Millersville University. 


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  • Parking Information

    The Parking Office at Millersville University is located at Boyer Building, directly behind the library on West Frederick Street. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 


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  • MU Alert for Emergency Communications

    Sign up for MU Alert

    MU Alert subscribers receive updates on emergencies and weather-related cancellations or delays through text message and/or email. Students and families are encouraged to subscribe to this free resource.


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  • Sexual Violence and Dating Violence Services

    A confidential dating and domestic violence advocate is on campus on Thursdays from 1-4 p.m. in the Cumberland House. Students may call 717-299-1249 or email to schedule an appointment. 

    The YWCA has a sexual assault advocate on campus every Monday from 8:30am-4:30pm in the Cumberland House.  Students can call 717-869-5013 or e-mail to schedule an appointment.

    24-Hour Rape Crisis Hotline: 717-392-7273

    Looking for help?

    help for Sexual Violence and Dating Violence


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  • Student Conduct & Community Standards

    The Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards (SCCS) fosters student learning and success by balancing individual and community rights, while promoting a safe, student centered, and inclusive community.

    Visit this site for information about standards, processes, and procedures related to conduct.


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  • Family Conversation Starters
    • Encourage your student to be aware of their surroundings and their personal property 
    • Check in with your student regularly about how they are feeling in their residence and in classroom settings 
    • Encourage students to always secure their personal information and their belongings
    • Does your student know what to do in case of an emergency? 
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Belonging and Involvement Resources

  • Student Strategies for Success
    • Sign in to the Get Involved website to learn more about student organizations 
    • Attend one of the many student activities on campus
    • Take the Route 16 bus downtown and explore Lancaster City
    • Visit the Campus Life Suite to connect with fellow students and learn about programs in room 118 of the Student Memorial Center
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  • Commuter and Off-Campus Resources

    Commuter and Off-Campus Student Services actively seeks to support, engage, and retain our commuter and off-campus students. Visit the website for events calendar and share your thoughts in the electronic suggestion box

    commuter & off-campus student resources

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  • EPPIIC Values

    At Millersville University, our EPPIIC Values serve as guiding principles to help each of us fulfill our mission, achieve our vision, and attain our goals.

    Our core values are:

    • Exploration
    • Professionalism
    • Public Mission
    • Inclusion
    • Integrity
    • Compassion

    EPPIIC Values

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  • Faith & Spirituality

    Millersville University is a community of student from different backgrounds and faith traditions. We offer a welcoming environment for all students to practice and explore these faiths while promoting appreciation and respect for religious and spiritual diversity. 

    Click to learn more about:

    • Campus clubs
    • Off-campus places of worship
    • Campus Ministry 
    • Opportunities for worship

    Faith and Spirituality

    The Student Memorial Center offers a Meditation and Mindfulness Room, providing physical refuge for students seeking to focus on practices that promote their spiritual and mental wellbeing. Visit SMC, room 203, just above the Galley.

    Meditation & Mindfulness Room

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  • Intercultural Center for Student Engagement

    The Center aims to create and sustain a welcoming and inclusive campus by recognizing, accepting, and celebrating differences without our campus and surrounding community. The Center offers an array of programs, discussions, workshops, social events, and resources to spark self-discovery.

    Visit the Dr. Rita Smith-Wade-El Intercultural Center, located in the Student Memorial Center (room 111) to learn more.

    Intercultural Center

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  • Opportunities to Get Involved

    The Department of Campus Life is the University's "go to" place for students to get involved on campus, serve their community, and develop leadership skills. Students who are active participants in the life of the college are more likely to be successful through graduation! 

    Learn more about:

    • Student organizations
    • Leadership programs
    • Fraternity & sorority life
    • Student Activities 

    campus life

    Other opportunities to get involved include:



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  • Resources for Students Who Are Parents

    Resources are available for students who are raising children in addition to their studies.

    local daycare providers

    Lactation rooms provide a safe and private space for mothers. 

    Two are currently available on campus:

    • Health Services in Witmer Hall 
    • Ground Floor of McComsey Hall


    Power Packs Project is a nonprogit servicing Lancaster, Lebanon, and York Counties. They are dedicated to ending hunger in our local schools over the weekend, when free school breakfasts and lunches are not available. 

    power packs meals for PK-12 students

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  • Student Memorial Center (SMC)

    Much of the social life on campus centers on the Student Memorial center (SMC), located across from the Gordinier Dining Hall on South George Street. This recently expanded/renovated facility has much to offer students and the entire Millersville University Community. 

    Learn more about the SMC and the many resources it provides: 

    • Reservable meeting rooms and event spaces 
    • Food court 
    • Departments and centers 
    • Tech ops and computer lab
    • Banking center and PSECU ATM
    • Ticket Office


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  • Ticket Office

    The Ticket Office is the one-stop destination for all ticketed events and registration for special events at Millersville University. 

    Visit to learn about: 

    • Athletic Events 
    • Visual & Performing Arts 
    • Theatre Productions 
    • Lectures, Conferences, and Special Events 


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  • Veterans' Resource Center

    The mission of the Veterans' Resource Center is to support, engage, and retain veteran and military-connected students at Millersville University. We thank you for the service to your country! 

    Visit the VRC at Mercer House on campus, 28 West Cottage Avenue.

    veterans' resource center

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  • Family Conversation Starters
    • Parents/Guardians/Involved family members are invited to join the Parent & Family Network to receive updates, announcements, and access to important campus news and deadlines
    • Apply to be a member of the Parents Advisory Council, who meet with the Vice President for Student Affairs throughout the year 
    • Join the Parents Facebook page to take part in the conversation
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Health & Wellness Resources

  • Student Strategies for Success
    • Visit the Health Services webpage 
    • Learn about the Counseling Services available on and off campus 
    • Talk with your student/family about their health insurance and coverage while at MU 
    • Discuss your prescription medications and over-the-counter options in detail
    • Is a friend having trouble? Use these resources to help.
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  • Campus Recreation

    The department of Campus Recreation provides an opportunity for members of the campus community to participate in phsyical activities that help develop their overall wellness.

    Learn more about:

    • Intramurals
    • Outdoor Programs 
    • Club Sports 
    • Rec Facilities


    For information on INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS, click here.

    Spectators can learn more about season schedules through the TICKET OFFICE

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  • Center for Health Education and Promotion

    The Elsie S. Shenk Center for Health Education and Promotion, known as CHEP, provides lifestyle education programs, hosts awreness events and information tables, and provides educational resources to students on a wide collection of health and well-being topics.

    Click to learn more about: 

    • Wellness Coaching 
    • Peer Education Program 
    • Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources 
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Personal Hygiene Products
    • Safer Sex Kits


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  • Counseling Center

    The Counseling Center provides counseling support throughout the semester as well as referrals to community resources for students currently enrolled at Millersville University. 

    Click for more information about:

    • Counseling appointments
    • Drug and alcohol counseling
    • Resources like bibliotherapy, lightbox therapy, and pet therapy 
    • Consultation 
    • Outreach and education 



    Counseling Center


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  • Health Services

    Health Services' vision is achieved by providing student-centered healthcare with excellence in quality, inclusion, medical services, preventative health education, and access. 

    Click to learn more about:

    • Hours of operation
    • Important documents 
    • Class excuse policy
    • Health insurance policy 
    • Student eligibility 
    • Student rights and responsibilities 
    • Urgent and emergency care listing


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  • Family Conversation Starters
    • Encourage your student to reach out to the Counseling Center for an appointment if they are struggling with an emotional, psychological, or substance abuse concern at 717-871-7821.
    • Look over these resources for parents from the Counseling Center.
    • Be sure your student knows how to find emergency medical care in the community.
    • Help your student understand their health history by sharing information about allergies, vaccinations and family history.
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Dining Resources

  • Student Strategies for Success
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  • Dining Services

    At Millersville University Dining and Catering Services, our goal is to be a premier self-operating dining program offering superior food and service to our customers by a team who are inspired to be the best they can be.

    Learn about meal plans, dining halls, retail dining options, catering services, and more.


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  • Dietary Needs

    MU Dining has a registered dietitian available for free consultations. Our dietitian specializes in education on diets including: diabetic, gluten-free, low salt, and weight loss. Contact MU Health Services to schedule a dietary consultation. 


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  • Employment Opportunities

    Dining Services is seeking student workers in various locations. Training is available. 


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  • Family Conversation Starters
      • Planning a visit with your student? Use this guide for places to stay and places to dine in the local area.
      • Encourage your student to discuss nutritional concerns or allergies with Health Services
      • Consider adding Marauder Gold to your student's ID card for cash-free shopping on and off campus
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Student Success Resources

  • Student Strategies for Success
    • Log into your Starfish account  
    • Know your professors' office hours - see your syllabus for details or contact the department secretary (search People Finder) and choose department
    • Mark your calendar with important dates from the academic calendar
    • Get to know your advisor and discuss your degree progress with MarAudit
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  • Academic Advisement & Student Development

    Office of Academic Advisement coordinates advising for all students in conjunction with academic departments and provides services for students who have not declared an academic major. Advisors help students set strategies to realize their academic goals and complete their degrees on time.


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  • The Career Center

    The Career Center provides student-centered career programs, experiences, and learning opportunities to assist students in achieving their personal and professional goals. 


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  • College Assistance Migrant Program

    The College Assistance Migrant Program at Millersville University (CAMP or MU CAMP) provides supportive and retention services to first-year university students from migrant and seasonal farm worker families. This program helps CAMP students make the most of their educational opportunities during their first year at the University.

    college assistance migrant program

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  • Francine G. McNairy Library & Learning Forum
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  • Information Technology

    Information Technology (IT) is the central division that supports computing and communication services across the Millersville University campus. It provides the products and services that you will use every day to complete tasks related to your studies or your jobs.


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  • Learning Services

    The mission of the Office of Learning Services is to promote and encourage the unique learning styles of all Millersville University students. The Office of Learning Services strives to support faculty and students by supplementing student learners with academic accommodations, individualized learning assistance, peer tutoring, tutor training, auxiliary aids, assistive technology, academic skills’ workshops, and individualized programming to promote independent and successful learners for the future.


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  • Registrar

    The Registrar's Office helps students with class registration and also maintain student records (both academic and personal), issues official transcripts, determines student's academic standing (dismissal, probation), monitors other recognitions (dean's list, etc.), evaluates students' transfer credits from other colleges and universities, and processes all the necessary information for student withdrawals, requests for leaves of absence, and name, address or schedule changes.


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  • Student Access & Support Services (SASS)

    The Office of Student Access and Support Services (SASS) is home to the Lancaster Partnership Program, the Pre-Scholars Summer Institute and the Millersville Scholars Program. SASS provides services for any student in one of their programs who may need additional support to successfully navigate their four-year college experience.


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  • Starfish

    Each student at MU has a Starfish account that includes the following academic tools: 

    • Academic progress surveys 
    • Attendance surveys 
    • Early alerts 
    • Student-Generated "request help questions"
    • Appointment and calendar features 



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  • University College

    The University College is committed to inclusive student success, engagement, and achievement, agency in student learning, and ongoing professional and personal development for sustained academic excellence. 

    The College is comprised of Academic Advisement and Student Development, the Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change, the Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership, the Career Center, the Francine G. McNairy Library and Learning Forum, Integrated Studies, Multi-Disciplinary Studies (MDST), the Office of Learning Services, Starfish, Success Coaching,  the University Honors College, and the University Writing Center.


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  • Family Conversation Starters
    • Check in frequently to talk about how they are feeling about their classes and work load
    • Encourage your student to log into their Starfish account and to reach out to resources above if a resource could help them 
    • Mark your calendar with important dates from the academic calendar and encourage your student to put these in his/her/their calendar 
    • Discuss their degree progress and how that affects their anticipated graduation date - strive for 30 to graduate
    • Discuss opportunities to utilize Academic Success Coaches, Wellness Coaches, Mentoring Program, and Tutoring resources to increase connection and success.
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Housing Resources

  • Student Strategies for Success
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  • Conference Services

    Interested in hosting an event, camp, or conference on our campus?  Conference Services works with external organizations looking to rent University facilities and request University services.


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  • Living on Campus

    The Department of University Housing & Conference Services is dedicated to creating a safe and engaging living-learning community in the residence halls. They focus on creating a residential environment that fosters student learning and a strong sense of community. Staff encourage  student residents to reach for their goals in a setting that allows them to become their very best.

    Search this site for information for all questions about on-campus living, including policies, procedures, resources, and more.


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  • Living Learning Communities

    Living-Learning Communities are characterized by intentional curricular and co-curricular programming, student staff placement and training, and supportive environment that contributes to the academic success of the students housed therein. 


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  • Family Conversation Starters and Tips
    • Mark your calendar and coordinate important dates with your student regarding move in and breaks
    • Planning to mail a card or care package? Use the on-campus mailing address(PDF)
    • Keep up with the latest on the UH&CS blog
    • Interested in hosting an event? Consider Conference Services at MU for your personal and professional needs
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Local Community Resources

  • Campus Closet

    The Mission Thrift Shop, just steps from campus, offers professional clothing to students in need of attire to wear to internships and interviews at no cost. 

    campus closet

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  • Community Aid

    Community Aid partners with Millersville University to help meet the needs of students with affordable housewares, books, and clothing. They are located a few miles from campus at 31 Rohrerstown Road, Lancaster, PA 17603. Every Thursday, students, teachers, and all school employees receive 50% their purchase with valid identification. 

    community aid

    Those interested in supporting Millersville University are encouraged to share the University's code when donating at Community Aids in the area. For every pound of goods received using this code, the University receives a donation that benefits our students.

     Donate to Community Aid

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  • The HUB

    The HUB, located on Millersville's campus, is a nonprofit organization that offers resources, free hot meals, access to the Campus Cupboard, and a space for our students to gather. Click below for more information. 

    the hub's mission


    campus cupboard

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  • Loft Community Partnership

    The Loft Community Partnership assists individuals and families residing within the Penn Manor School District.

    The Loft Community Partnership

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  • Nonprofit Resource Network

    Millersville University partners with many organizations in the surrounding community that serve our students well. 

    A list of local nonprofit organizations are included below:

    nonprofit resource network


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  • PA Navigate

    PA Navigate is a statewide community information tool designed to address health and soscial care needs for Pennsylvanians by connecting them to community services.

    pa navigate

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  • United Way of Lancaster County

    The United Way of Lancaster County has been a resource for nearly 100 years. Learn more about their legacy of giving, advocating, and volunteering. 

    united way lancaster

    The 2-1-1 network provides searchable database of resources from crisis services to volunteer opportunities. Categories of care include: health/dental care, household items, community/events, disability services, financial assistance, families, legal assistance, mental health, and transportation. 

    PA 2-1-1

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